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The Carty and the bad device are trademarks pretty limited the card cable Florida run forty percent alcohol by volume wife Meghan the Duchess of suspects were among those to attend the lion king premiere in London the royal couple was met with cheers when they arrived and walked in to the tune of Elton John's can you feel the love tonight John says it's astonishing to see The Lion King born again saying he thought it would never happen but because the jungle book was so wonderfully done and reinvented this one's been done the same way and they'll give a more realistic view other stars were on hand including Donald Glover and Seth Rogan actor will Ferrell help breathe new life into some classic TV earlier this year he leads today's birthday roundup recently starring as the pompous but poignant Tom Willis on the live broadcast of the Jeffersons in may on ABC what matters is not what passes across our minds but how we live our lives together and baby we've been doing that pretty good will Ferrell fifty two singer musician and fear the walking dead cast member Ruben blades wants to clear up any misunderstandings on how to say his name the name is Ruben blades but people call me biased because I'm from my mama right and the we pronounce it black ice blades pour blood on talking dead he sixty one and the TV series Downton abbey will continue as a theatrical movie star Laura Carmichael was working as a receptionist at a doctor's office when she first got the call to be on the original show as I excuse me when I was gonna is going to take this court like knowing it was coming in and said you mean the the whether or not you got the role yeah and so at that point you know just get up and leave yeah kinda Carmichael on live with Kelly and Ryan she's thirty three and that's our birthday round up for July sixteenth I'm Bob Kessler alarms being sounded by a leading advocacy group A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports it says it's worried only twenty seven percent of funds for twenty nineteen have been provided so far the Norwegian refugee council says that with only hall of of twenty nineteen gone humanitarian organizations who receive just twenty seven percent of the money needed to provide relief to people affected by crises worldwide this year its general secretary John Eklund says the card to lack of funding is alarming he adds a total of twenty six billion dollars is required this year to provide relief for around ninety four million people in need however don't countries have contracted a V. seven billion so far the NRC singled out the crises in Cameroon and Congo as examples of regions in the heat I'm Charles so that's my radio news I'm typical are the four freshmen Democrats president trump tweeted should go back to where they came from are fighting back Michigan congressman rishi to to leave says trumps attack as an effort to distract from.

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