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His agenda on a man that's what it is elisabeth in the royal family i know disney acknowledges but the other prince albert the oldest and one he was known as prince eddy or collars and cuffs and there was a story that that prince albert really had a prince albert i know where is this gentleman firstly this is not this is known this a lot of people know this elisabeth except for me because i'm brought back to being in the fifth grade playground in some sound like dirty term and i didn't know what it was and this is like consistently the position that i'm putting on this broadcast back one is a bigger that's bigger than laurie and that is that we didn't even come up with that that's probably going to be albert because if you go to on the websites it saying page not found the albert one is access denied the accusation the royal family does not acknowledge prince albert in that way dirty minded americans that know the meaning of the word or seen one felt one what you gotta think very knows what it is don't you think i don't know that they're consulting google that to that tomorrow coach need them we got gridlock all over this one sponsored by dickey's barbecue pit both northbound one sixty nine and north on one hundred right around thirty five minutes four ninety four to six ninety.

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