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Of people who have worked really hard to make this work. It kind of all filters through Roman ranges feel. And there are several people that come to me to present things to Roman. And then Roman and I will talk about it and come back with either something that fits into their narrative or we would hope we can perhaps enhance it or put it in our own words or come back with now that that doesn't work for us, but what about this and then start a different process in that we're bouncing ideas off of them. When I say them, you know, the thing with Sami started when Vince was still running creative. So it started under Vince McMahon's creative regime. It was a seamless transition to Paul levesque. There were times where we're sitting in a room and it's Roman and it's me and it's The Usos and one of The Usos will just say, you know what would be really good with Sammy and it's oh my God. Why aren't we doing that already? You will find things that come from The Usos that would shock you just how great they are. There's Michael Hayes and Michael Hayes has an understanding about telling a story within the body of a match that very few in history could ever claim to be on par with. The SmackDown writing team, which is led by Ryan Callahan, who is an unsung hero in what we've put together. Ryan Callahan and his team, which there's Michael kirshenbaum, who you never hear about. You know, kirsch as we call him. Who on a week to week basis along with a gentleman named Chad barbash. And another name Zach Hyatt. And these are all people that will come and sit in a room with us or sit in a locker room with us or on Roman's bus or in a conference call. And we'll throw around ideas and what resonates with you. You have teenage kids. Well, this is a story of acceptance and what tales are they telling from the cafeteria at lunchtime in high school. You know, it's just, it's really a team and a lot of unsung heroes. A lot of people that you don't read about online because they very intentionally keep their names out of the headlines. Who have worked their asses off to put this all together. You said people will go to you with ideas you filter it out and then go to Roman.

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