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Hello and welcome big Hello to Josh skeleton. Who's tuned in Hallo Josh. Also, Mr. Andy mccune as well. Various touring car championships commentator as well. You will know him from various. BRAC club racing TV programs, TCI UK common tree and other Tauran Cal commentaries as well as as well as swift. He's tuned in as well. Hello, good evening to name Paul Turner all amongst others. Tunin to third, is it third now torn Kartal life because we have tested doing this and we prerecorded it. And then it just turned out to be just easier to do it live because we did it as live and they wanna do edits. And basically that's why we doing it. Live. Free web dog interventional, which university. If you listen to the girls laser. Yes, I think we're doing pretty well. He says, fingers crossed, not bad. I think he adds something anyway because we're able to interact and re people's Cummings. For example, might as well read them because they, you know, the been kind enough to tune in the show and pay attention to a spamming their various Facebook groups. Phil. Promote. Yes. Best actively promoting it. But yeah, Christopher gray and in touch. Hello, Chris tuned in also he says, UK presume needs to make a massive step forward. Next year. He says, the concept is great, but the racing this year has been dull. He says, he's rather watch the pickup truck championship. Well, Chris, we take your point on board. It's okay to watch both of those things and more. Between them. I'll be honest, they're all times court, Ron, Christie, criss rate support. They're all racing hasn't been as t zero series have been around the world, you know, WTO your, etc. Hall of saying discussing the two Tigers stunned Lloyd his as over experience. 'cause amd is racing with the most experienced team only grid. So in in a situation as we've discussed in previous shows, but in Lloyd unrecorded, you've got the best team with the best join Val during the best late leading the championship with a reduced points gap, but still oversee get it from the from Bridgestone. Also the been keeping on in in the Nolan homeless. The XInhua also general thoughts on on Harrington. Do this weekend. Well, it's of a state as you say, his TC our experience and is start to the TC. She should be didn't over recently in the touring cars. He's been focusing more on his TR total batteries folks on the weekend. But imagine as a professional racing vision, we'd have to worry about things like that. But of all the drivers are thinking, it's a thing again about whether you deserve a title if you are an ESP. You have to bring it up at the beginning of the year. He was, he was unstoppable. As for I did watch the first race goes to surprise you that Phil. And yeah, it's, it's, it's his is his to lose at the end if today. 'cause on only Taylor, he may have been. That was fantastic job, but it has been after the three to be has been nervous about the performance things and incidents in shoes, but that's the smartest, isn't his made. It made it exciting instead of just being done void champion after five races and take it right to the end. So good. Yeah, definitely. And like say dense had done one of a couple of joy. So focus on almost Joel campaign they. So he's been getting a law firm resort experience from to GTC calls to to learn enjoy a muster yet as as we say these taking his crossed earlier in the year BTC Nolan and also with west coast racing, he's not to really well to to w a very successful..

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