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Deals I'm Brendan Hazleton It's 1148 Traffic and weather on the 8th three to Kessler in the WTO traffic center While we're still seeing delays on southbound 95 in Virginia first passing the fairfax county Parkway with the work in the right lane then crossing the arka Kwan Then you're going to hit the brakes in thornburgh trying to make your way toward ladysmith This is more of an off and on delay in stretches at this point the earlier wreck is gone Northbound 95 delays are after 6 ten garrisonville road This is a solid backup headed toward two 34 in dumfries with work taking Elaine than the volume in newington trying to head into Springfield toward the beltway so watch for a work crew there That may be a mobile work crew No it's bouncing 95 slows after The Pentagon headed onto the inbound 14th street bridge the work in the right lane delays both directions of the beltway headed towards 66 with the work taking the right side in Maryland on two 70 southbound before three 70 the two right lanes remain blocked with the emergency work so expect the backup there Southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway at four 50 the left lane was blocked with the cones Also in the district inbound suitland Parkway delays headed toward further Sterling today the work in the right lane Quicker and safer travel is coming to I 66 to do this the left eastbound lane from university boulevard to route 29 in Centreville will be closed June 14th through 19th more at transform 66 dot org I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic Storm team force Mike stennett Partly cloudy skies breezy warm and rather muggy this afternoon Can't.

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