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Mission last week like about the alignment of hurt business right now. So are some as Hannah like meg we get some some. Actual answer about alignment of her Biz on a hill already faces. was like Dr Rogge, they'll go pal. pollick ails, retribution game all of a sudden. They turn off face. Yes. So pulled Apollo away from that scenario actually. May clarify himself with the with that and him saint sound like me just be amazed amazed. Maize least in rain-wise. It seemed like a also trying to find yourself a little bit more on Mike lately so. Say Sammy's on a good job. So I think that big a few. Okay. Up Next. Daba Kato. He's a free agent now he's wrong. Titus O'Neil slides his way into staying on raw camello stays on smackdown pate rice stays on. Raw. Titus. Allaster black is your next big move and shocker at the end of the drafts that the final draft but. Slaps the second to last pick. allaster black goes from raw smackdown. possibly. Keeping up with the whole him and Kevin owns thing right now they're both on smackdown. New Wall what are your thoughts right there with allistair black because he he's. They wanted to push them and they didn't because he got injured and then may try to figure out a way to separate his new character do something different. What are your thoughts? I I i. like the SORTA reinvention of Alastair Black that they're going through right now 'cause he. His character even at NFC never felt like. He should have been face. You know he he always felt like to me he should be a really aggressive. Type Appeal. And and that's what we're seeing out of them right out of the right now with with the with the Kevin Things that at that base off a smackdown this week, it looks like they are going to keep. Going with that that storyline. So I.

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