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Maybe was not going into the family business or trying to resist the visits sensuous theater. Exactly. Well, theater, or or, you know, my parents were active in movies too. And my grandparents acted in actually my great grandfather was in in. Silent movie of very big other movie that was shot in Australia, and these it's still exists. Fascinating trip to watch. What's crazy? Hey, you know, I saw it as a birthday surprise once when I lived in in in London and the BFI put it on. And I didn't know, and I sat there and other. Well, okay, fine. Why not you know interesting, and I recognized him on on not because I knew him, but because their pictures around that I've seen and that was a creepy experience. Did you? So did you have an immediate aversion to the theater or take awhile? I I never had an aversion to the theatre. I just you know, because I grew up in it. And that's all my family ever talked about a, you know, there were there was. Big family and lots of friends and. Many many occasions where people were over and. All the F A talked about was the theater right at age six. I had had. And so how much of a serious serious pursuit was acting as a child was it just sort of never never. No, no, okay. No. Would you know was out of the question? And so when did it turn into something when I ran out of other ideas, and we're we're in that sequence of events because I know you consider pursuing a career in cinematography is a DP simultaneous two overs that product rushing that was prior. That was when I still had my two cents worth together. And. Yeah, cinematography and and fine arts, and, you know, it's funny because it's the reverse story that you hear from many actors of the fallback your fallback was to fall into acting in the theatre when many it's it's the dream. It's the thing that that the parents may be don't want you to go into. Yeah. No. It was not a dream. And I always referred to wanting to become an actor is is something I've referred to it as a developmental fixation. Really? Everybody wants to become an act at one point in their usually puberty. Right. And with the you know, the with the with the. Let's say successful finishing and of puberty and growing into something more adult like, you shed that right? Wished to become an actor like I dunno cocoons or something transitional. And the ones who don't make a healthy, you know, don't make healthy progress in in their development, the ones that are fixated on the rest of Pugh miss and kind of fantasies. They then have no choice, but to become actors to somehow come to terms with that fixation, right? And it usually leads into alcoholism drug addiction. The desperation you avoid all the, sir. How did you get to the level head on your shoulders today? I wonder whether I have successfully. But I don't know. I, you know, of course, it's I mean all of this facetiously, but only to agree. Yeah. There is there is something to it. And and that's I claim why becoming an act is really easy being an actor as different story. And you you know, that life your stories fascinating. A we'll get to it. I mean, you were a jobbing actor for decades, and like and and more than decent jobs, by the way. Right. It wasn't like you were you were making a living. You you were decent living. I could support a family, and occasionally I even stuff that I like to do. Right. And I was not completely disregard or overlook sure. I know I'm jumping around the bit. So so forgive me. But I'm with you. Okay. Good. Good. You spent some time here in New York in your in your in your youth are those where did that word that occur in that developmental period in that pursuit of that? Actually that was on the verge of trying to understand what was going on. You know, kind of demon my first step into adulthood. So to say, yeah. Same taking responsibility. And I did a few things in on television, movies, and and one theater on. And I felt I happen to really or Hatton to really equipped myself with reliable with reliable, tools, and.

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