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The guides excuse me outcast 212 i did read albouy coming out on switch because greg talked about how he's playing albouy wargames catherine but he does say it was supposed to release on ps4 today as well but the developer has changed the ps4 released two tb a at the last minute of it it's a great metric videogame they got great scores when in originally released on peaceful in the point announce which i'll tell you so charles jay says the illinois event is the 20th a february through march 15th own hasn't begun yet my i'll rates out of it ended of the 20th i also thought that it was right now how good job direction that's what we need here all right um well you know which one from rockville both one wong dish oh okay you leonard talent we are the when you're on the airship yeah some say it through the lens judy knew partying ignacio haas your point is not lost on me that i have a problem hunting monsters in a game called monster hunter it's the fact that they name some of the smaller creatures in the world monsters when they're clearly not monsters they're just the real thing about it is you're getting hung up that you need the horn you take the horn you're getting other stuff out of him getting bones and what not right yeah you yet hide you're not using every part of this i'm unaware i'm aware listen i i haven't stopped playing the game so clearly died last add to go play rambo six each and i have no regrets.

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