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Florida Department of Transportation. I'm Paul Cross News radio 6 10 Wi OD. We're taking a look right now at Doppler radar temperature wise still on the mild side, but starting to see a streak of rain showers moving through the palm beaches, and we could see a little pop of rain shower to this afternoon 83 right now in highly 84. In camera. It's 11 02, as lawmakers in Washington continue to negotiate the details of a $900 billion coronavirus relief pills or a Democratic congressman Darren Soto on the House floor this morning, urged his colleagues to get it done, He says things are tough back home. Unemployment remains around 10% food banks lay bare Many are behind on rent and the coronavirus cases continue to rise. The relief package is expected to include a new round of $600 stimulus checks for individuals as well as money for vaccine distribution, schools, jobless benefits and loans for small businesses. Health care workers in assisted living facility. Residents across the state are getting the Fizer covert 19 vaccine 122 recent deaths from the virus or being reported across the state with more than 11,500 new infections. This is the buildings are damaged after a tornado ripped through pill Penelas, Hillsborough and Polk counties in the Tampa Bay area yesterday afternoon National Weather Service confirming that the twister covered over 50 miles in two hours. So far, no injuries and Publix is helping feed the hungry this holiday season. The Lakeland based supermarket chain is giving six feeding America connected food banks £1.3 million of food over the next six weeks. The food will be in the form of pasta, canned vegetables and beans, cereal and boxed potatoes. Food banks have seen a sharp increase in demand due to the Corona virus pandemic. It's estimated that 2.7 million Floridians are struggling with food in security approaching the holidays. I'm Rick. Oh, Shal. Morning is coming up at 11 30. MORE BLOOM Daddy Next I'm Natalie Rodriguez News radio 6 10 W Y o D.

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