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The Santa Fe optimist club set out to find out they held a contest to name Santa fe's typical teenagers now this typical teenager contest was part of the Optimus promotion of youth appreciation week and it drew more than a hundred letters of nominations from adults and teenagers for the Santa fe's most typical teenager bill Myers he was the optimist club contest chairman said there was no effort to pick the most outstanding teenagers just the most typical ones N. who was sent a phase typical teenager well turns out that was one one first up Joe dirt a sixteen year old junior at Saint Michael's high school described as an even tempered snare drummer with a taste for outdoor sports and camping a fair to Midland great record but not standing record as a boy scout and a quick and easy smile the son of Mr Mrs Haraldr of ten thirty all to St Joe's outstanding efforts when the feel of scouting which you plan to enter professionally in nineteen fifty seven Joe made Eagle Scout with a string Ameriprise's up by one arm and down the other job work summers at his dad's office machine business and held on a part time job at the boys club earning money to achieve his next goal that's a used car our next to pickle teenager that's pretty brown eyed shies Sylvia a beta sixteen year old Loretto academy junior easily the busiest obscenities teens the daughter of police sergeant and Mrs Raymond abate of Douglas street Sylvia was a big sister for girls the in this was just seven months one older sister and a twelve year old brother mmhm so she spent most evenings babysitting in fact it was one of our clients who nominated her for the contest yes and so we had a substantial list of chores at home and she worked part time at a bakery and that red academy she took secretarial courses and plan to enter a ten business school next our typical teenager Patsy Lobato fifteen years old and a set of a high school sophomore her life was music she was an excellent pianist with the dream of the concert stage Patty practiced hours a day but still she had time for top grades babysitting painting swimming and Shakespeare she was known as a gal with a good sense of humor that's what it says here a bouncy disposition and a philosophical turned out he was a much for domestic chores but she left camping and fishing and sports of all kinds last but not least St Mike's junior can Karosa fifteen another busy teenager when he wasn't fiddling with the radio gadgets he was studying or playing clarinet or practicing dramatics working on a school annular playing basketball the son of Mr Mrs M. L. crosna east Sanofi Avenue you can plan to become a pharmacist and his good grades would help their active in church in handy around the house at school cancels a member of the thespians and played in the school band he also played Babe Ruth baseball one of you know tennis tournaments two and currently is working to earn an amateur ham radio license now each typical teenager was outstanding and one endeavor or another and all of them lead busy scholastic and socialize but other than that the four typical teenagers had a different family backgrounds interests and activities no in sponsoring the contest the Optimus contended that ninety five percent of today's teenagers were normal healthy active responsible persons and the four typical teenagers.

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