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Bruce pitcher dot com and get your tickets in advance yeah this thing is going to sell out and we want to mention we're doing it late so you'll have an opportunity to go to inex tea and then come see us but you do want us nice these tickets while you can because they're going fast all over the country nashville just sold out this past week no opportunity to see us on september thirtieth nashville we still have tickets on sale for san antonio here's new york city we're going to be back at gramercy on august eighteenth but before we get there this is going to be pretty fun we have got july seven in rochester new york comedy at the carlson the following week we're still coming pittsburgh we hadn't forgot about you were hoping to announce on sunday for tickets for that next week so stay tuned and there's rumor and innuendo you're actually gonna make run in minnesota is it right yeah man i'm hidden for the border with buddy eric bischoff gene oakland xbox we're going to be going to tower minnesota the fortune bay casino on july twenty nine for heavy on wrestling is right up there on the canadian border takes like five hours from minneapolis to get there but i'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of good old friends aaron having a great and a great week in mini sota all right now that we've got all of our shady on let's talk about what we're here for the podcast content role todd last week's episode was all about the big boss man a man they were two schools of thought some people said oh man a pop bob best episode ever and other said it sucked and it sounded like bruce was inside of a bag or pulling a ric flair and aiding during the podcast.

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