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And spill the truth. Can wait. Sava Gattis. Is it soon enough to say sorry? Because I'll miss him more than just your body eyes. It's really not soppy. Yeah, no down now just to get back at me. I miss him more than just your body, Is it? Sorry. Washington's variety of the eighties nineties and today 97.1 Wash at them. I gotta take a little time a little time to think things over. I better read between the lines in case I needed one of older. This mountain was good. Feels like the world of shooting through the clouds. I see love shit keeps me warm his life. In my life. There's been heartache and pain don't know backing sit again. No, Come travels so much change. Wanna go watch it. Do you know? I'm not gonna show up. Look like lovers. Fine me There's been hot campaign don't know fucking shit again. What No, no. I'm coming to get me stuff so much. Yeah. Show here, man. 87.1 wash at them because you know I'm all about that bass bout that bass. No trouble. I'm all about that bass by database. No trouble. How? Mahlum Bada bing Bada Bing. No trouble. Hamal A Bada bing bada. Thanks, kid. It's pretty clear. I don't know. But I can't shake it. Shake it like I'm supposed to do exactly that bone bone that on the board shapes all right junk in all the right places I see in the magazines. Working that way. Notice any will. Come on now. Make it stop. If you got believability,.

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