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Maria sitting down with the biggest players in Washington and Wall Street asking the tough questions and bringing a new perspective on the nation's most pressing issues every Sunday. Tune in ten AM eastern to Sunday morning futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News channel, don't miss it. In two thousand sixteen Natalie corona was photographed wearing a blue gown and holding a blue lives matter flag. She said at the time she wanted the photo to honor those who died protecting others tragically. Her message was prophetic on January eleventh police officer Natalie corona was gunned down while responding to a car crash. She was just twenty two years old and many people across the nation have memorialized officer corona by sharing that photo. However, a group of students at the university of California Davis contend the photograph of the blue lives matter flag is racist. And they also want to provide counseling to students who might be triggered by the flashing lights of police cars, let me say this. If you are triggered by flashing lights or the presence of a police officer. You don't need a college education. You need professional psychiatric help. I'm Todd Starnes. Stephen ten in the morning. Steal any sports thunders from Ted this morning to this cut wine. Golden State Warriors. Go to the NBA record fifty one points in the first quarter. Yeah. Denver nuggets. Nice defense by the nuggets here. Kevin Durant led the way was seventeen points. Seventy six percent. Not a lot of defense state's got firepower on offense. Denver was providing much resistance. Put five folding chair do. Well. Stephen Ted mornings from six till nine on s s be smarter. Ninety eight seven at thirteen thirty j and s s Beck and join me weekday mornings at nine right here on KNX. Welcome back..

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