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Kicking net on the side of the field so you have all of this chaos and you're talking about a franchise that is much as they were stable for most of our lives they now are in the world where coming off of eleven five season they fired their coach so you're looking at insane even eleven and five doesn't get me job security on top of all of that they don't have all that much cap room next year to go in and and deal with all of this and they have about often sublime so i'm looking at it say because of injury slip better special specific to this year okay okay but last year going back to the bill barnwell article last year particularly they had lessened gery's than most nfl team suffered through part of reason they went 11 wind team every year of course not but the makings are there and if you're a head coach or a a candidate first vacancies look the steelers jobs not coming available the the eagles jobs not coming available the playoff teams are not coming available so when you look at openings that could become available it's near the top i would say and there's an article on he has been dot com about potential openings in obviously there's a some some some latitude there 'cause you don't know what's gonna become available i would only put houston if villa brian is relieved of his duties ahead and i would only put the colts assuming let's assuming allowed enter luck in a swimming the job guns available on that cowboys maybe if that becomes available i definitely put the cowboys i think but you had jerry jones making a lot of personnel moves that the deal with that but you're right the make the play the pieces are in place there for douse be besides that the giants our next on my list now nothing you said is one hundred percent wrong mother right i should lay really our aim even if i am live in the rain high only seventy iit if i were you with everything you're saying but a lot of it is just circumstance and look they have the star wide receiver and i can i i agree that the completely botched the.

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