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Job you know you're telling your coworkers your telling your you know people at church or you know people that ask on social media sites we recommend you know that's that's the goal and that's why you know that's why we were willing to do this special forty days so we can get a few more people I can see how good of a job we do SO they can tell all their friends well I have a feeling that's exactly what you're going to be doing when you call Dan Billingsley and the folks at heat wave because I know the job they do I know how important it is to them not just to come in and make sure your AC's working right but make sure that you understand how it works make sure that you understand why everything is so important and that you know it when they walk away you are more educated Catholic I feel today I'm certainly more educated I hope you have been as well Dan I really appreciate your time I really appreciate the great offer from newsradio WFLA listeners yeah you're welcome I was had a lot of fun here today and you know I'm happy to help your listeners and I look forward to servicing them in the future if you don't mind I can give that phone number out please do all right our phone number write this down is eight one three seven one zero five seven five seven seven one zero five seven five seven one more time it's eight one three seven one zero five seven five seven again it's a fifty eight point two up for thirty nine dollars it is common sense I'm getting one and you should too thank you for joining us today this has been the.

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