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Posted one hundred five passer rating on throws to the middle of the field as a rookie his rating on throws outside the numbers was far worse, seventy one. That's a huge gap. A hundred and five passer rating to throws in the middle of the field seventy one passer rating on throws to the outside. Trey Burton drew sixty two percent of his targets in the middle of the field over the past two years in Philadelphia. So I think these interior receivers, Trey, Burton, Anthony Miller, they suit Mitchell Trubisky skillset, and they shoot the offense that Matt Nagy in Marquel furture trying to build. Next up Broncos receiver. Emmanuel. Sanders. Yeah, manual Sanders season last year was pretty disappointing for start. Sorry with quarterback play. Trevor simian Paxton Lynch just didn't get it done. And then mainly Sanders suffered a high right ankle sprain week. Six was not the same again. I mean, if you go back and watch a main, we'll send her. She was hobbling around the field. They were games, read, couldn't make it through the whole game. He aggravated injury in week. Fifteen didn't play in week sixteen or week. Seventeen. He did not require postseason surgery. He's healthy again. He's, you know, he was a full participant at OTA's and minicamp you'd go back and look at the receive. So the Broncos of course, they have a new quarterback in case keenum. Case keenum favorite receiver in Minnesota was Adams Phelan who ran over half of his routes in the slot, and he was targeted by case keenum on twenty five percent of those slot routes, which was the highest rate in the leak. I think that if you look at the construction of the Broncos receiver core right now, it's going to be mostly Damaris Thomas on the outside, and then you'll manual Sanders starting opposite him in to receiver sets. And then when they go three wide, I think it'll be courtroom Sutton on the outside opposite. Marry Thomas pushing a manual Sanders to slot receiver. And I think that that is a really good match for case keenum after we saw what he did with Adam Seelan in Minnesota. I think that you know in manual, Sanders look at his ADP in comparison to various Thomas to maritimus usually goes fifth, sixth round. The manual seniors usually goes eighth ninth round. I think that manual Sanders can outscore Damaris Thomas this year. Let's get to some Packers running backs. McCarthy's been pretty clear to running back by committee. I know that scares a lot of people last year. It's like they rotated between Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. What do you got with that group? Both guys had good rookie seasons, but they were good in different ways. Drama Williams had a good rookie season through reliability in showing the ability to be a workforce zero fumbles. He was the top graded pass blocker according to pro football, focus among the Packers running backs come at BYU. That was one of Jamal strengths as well was passed walking. Any average twenty and a half touches per game over the final eight weeks of last season. He was the number eight overall fantasy running back in PR leaks during that span. He also ranked, although he had a low yards per carry, average average three point six yards per carry. He was fourteenth among forty seven, qualified backs in football, outsiders, rushing success rate. So while he wasn't breaking long runs to spike his yards per carry average, he was getting the yards needed on on a on a specific down to down basis in that's notable. That's something that coaches, especially, I think will care about. Whereas a lot of us just look at yards, precarious average like, oh, that's the end all be all those are spiked by long runs. But Jamal Williams was a quietly efficient, productive runner despite his lower yards per carry, average average almost two yards per carry less than Aaron Jones..

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