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Um and then the defense callejas campbell and cam jordan on and donald and cam hayward new maj that act is an actual line a chandler jones look equally and bobby wagner the linebackers jaylen ramsey is a corner and all pro first team corner would xavier roads can harrison smith get some co some run here man good for him great kevin buyer of tennessee of the or your safeties and the darius sleigh is the defensive back i guess they they neiman nickel if you will daria slaves not really nickel and then the punters johnny hackers or line fair cooper jamal agnew of detroit's the punt return and buddha baker of arizona the special team of that your first team allpro and now granik that was the the concern for grandcamp is that uh are boy kelsea would have been named right out of him kelsea was second two and a half million monies on brock man matt patricia by the way is chatting with the giants today for their head coach and gig like that at mcdaniel's his head near tomorrow who would you rather have as you're heading code daniels or patricia i wanted shoes guy i end of story offense that's it okay get your defensive coordinator as your as your guy and i know this might be this might be a ridiculous supposition guy i don't know i don't know how either one of those men would lead the locker room alright but daniels like bella jack when somewhere acted like the lord emperor and got run outta town and can come back a better man and a better coach fort just like bella check and he's an offensive guy in this day and age.

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