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Friday, February 5th, and this is the box is run down. I'm Rob Dawson. It's a busy day. So let's get started. There is a lot of talk about what happened on the House floor last night following the vote to strip Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green of her committee assignments. She's going to hold a news conference on Capitol Hill at 11 A.m. Eastern. Greens. Belief in French conspiracy theories led to the vote, although she denounced those beliefs on the House floor yesterday, Ohio Republican Jim Jordan says the vote was wrong. The Democrats are playing with fire and we should not do this, and that's why the Judiciary Committee is going to stand up and talk about what the cancel culture mob is doing, how they're attacking our First Amendment liberties and make sure that we push back on this and it stops happening because it should not take place. In this great country, Jordan on Fox's Hannity last night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says if any of her members behave that way, she would take action without a vote. President Biden is scheduled to talk with Democratic leaders about covert 19 relief today and perhaps really from Cove in 19, in the form of a breakthrough in Israel. Doctors, Eddie hello of hospital in Tel Aviv, say 29 out of 30 virus. Patients in serious condition made a full recovery within five days after taking the drug. The announcement follows by days, one, heralding similar results, and another Israeli hospital have Dawson Medical Center. The doctors say the treatment, which is said to be inexpensive, is taken once a day. They say it took longer than five days for the 30th patient who also recovered. Gary Bomb, Garten. Fuck. Snooze coming up.

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