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A people of color and she goes. I gotta go. I said i'm sorry. Y'all i'm sort of sorry. I would have died laughed at if she would even appropriate said yeah. You're a person of color like no bitch a black differences or keep a racist. I do a person of color going to assume that trauma somewhere in her brain instead of that the media rotted her brain and like i said the reason for it. All isn't hilarious to me the homework. That's hilarious is when she looked up and i said ma'am. I'm not a liberal. I am republican. And she went. Are you sure. And i'm like. I'm pretty damn sure where she had to question that far too. Are you sure you're so. There's this state i it's a stereo. I mean. it's a stereotype. I guess we're all decade all around oppressing people of color. I don't know you say a people of color. That's what she said people. That is what she said. But i want to bring this full circle real quick real quick my managing a nipples. Real real quick. Okay just put some moisturizer on real quick that that brings up a great point though. Is that when we served in the military. I know how a lot of people say. Oh we don't see color you know black right green whatever. It doesn't matter today's memorial day and today we remember memorialize does who gave us that right here in america To fill in. Say how we feel sad again rela to do we need to do it to get our lives through demands from it sacrifice. Take tom so with that. Being said she gives she can sit there and have a tantrum and walmart test because today is the day that we memorialize dope. Who gave you that right. Oh tatra each brother ensure after that. Phone call. I had anyway to care for her. Her version of the national anthem sister remained. Thank everybody for jonas today. And acquire from the seven. Three national baptist. Church the other one the one across the street from the piggly-wiggly way thank you. I been there before you have been over there. We go down the road of black churches one hour one and i was like four years old. Let me tell you what that is. The best service i've ever been to in misha relate to how you understand marky mark. I don't think you understand. The when i went to was literally in the ghetto. I grew up in meaning it was. It was a rundown house party. It was a run down house. It literally had a living room kitchen and two bathrooms. Why had two bathrooms. I don't know but it used to be old man's house out your right and turn it into church nicole's data. I think it's actually still there but it's actually an actual church now. It's fuck. I think i think they actually i think the actual original one burn down back in. Oh eight oh nine right before. I went to iraq or right right as i was going over. So yeah but it's an actual church now. But that was the best shirts or i'd ever been to and i'm not religious. Remember though it's all about energy like we have a great commander you to give you a good energy. You have a great unit you know. I'm pretty sure. Chris is one of those. Great is going to be one of those great commanders who gives very long weekend speeches. They just like to hit themselves taught opposite. They do. And i don't know a lot of them but the ones i do they talk too much i know hold on just to piggyback off of what the first sergeant said dan. We went to the measure. That was great. But let me come right behind. Said the same thing again. I just want to reiterate. Look what top said was great and all but just to back i save. This league is one of the most awesome commended. I've ever had in my entire career named captain brown this everything he said friday. Was this if you guys go out and get drunk. You're gonna get you c. J. and hazing at every and so we had to always repeat jay and hazing and so when the colonel found out that he will say jan haley. Like you know we can't hayes anymore. He was like oh roger so they try to relieve him because he kept saying you see jaising after that so we never got any trouble. We got every guide our banner. We were talk fricking battery and a whole battalion and because we had a cool officer in charge of us aid. Your pain has your officer. Didn't you do a little short white dude. With a bee's he was to be bad overcame brain cancer and kidney cancer we had we had a short puerto rican drill sergeant when i was in basic and i was like the scrawny ass motherfucker. Still in high school not joking. I might have been like you were because you were. There's no. I might have been eight pounds soaking wet. And when he started to to come in and that he had a thick accent. And everybody's just like looking around and shit gonna find out about me. Every time. He said tweety bird he was talking about me but he said it in his puerto rican acts that that was so fucking thick. It sounded like he was like saying twig bird or something twitter twitter like that and he was so short short was he. He was short of the knee. And i was. Gr's boat all set grom end up like that. He's gonna come with some lame dad joke and it's strong see. Chris told christy. Abate marquis davis with a lot of people. Don't don't don't don't don't sleep on me. don't sleep on you. Setup grow mankato's this market. You did it you did. I'm over here just enjoying this ship. A government hey groman. I'm working on getting brought on the show. Oh wow yeah. Good luck though. That's going to be throwing individual. I'm gonna get him on. I'm going to get him on. Just wait just wait We haven't had mike and billy talk yet. What do you gasoline.

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