Donald Trump, Mr Collins, Congress discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


We can just face time now. Despite the backlash trump has doubled down on his racist tweets but he's fellow Republicans that having a hard time defending his words right Republicans like Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader and cover model of loose skin weekly because you see McConnell McConnell is married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao who herself is an immigrant and a journalist asked him how he would feel if someone told his wife to go back to where she comes from your married to immigrants and national prices are she should go back to our country because criticism federal policies racist attack well. The Secretary of transportation came here at age eight legally not speaking a word of English in his is realized the American dream. That's a weird way to judge a question while world binder for question I will not read my wife Worker Pudiere page Elaine Chao early life and that was just the appetizer. The real drama yesterday was on the flow of Congress with Democrats introduce the resolution to officially condemned trump's words as racist right then often Nancy Pelosi called trump's woods racist Republicans in Congress objected to her words because apparently this is completely true. There's a ruling Congress that says members of Congress at the House on the floor Kant accused the president of racism. You don't allowed to do it even at the prison says something racist which is is insane like Congress couldn't even call trump races if he walked into the COP capital wearing full black face just like wanting and just being like man nigger which is probably going to be his next state of the Union if he finds this out so because Nancy Ed Lucy called trump's racist tweet races on the house slow all hell broke loose congress style breaking overnight chaos on Capitol Hill after a rockets debate a rare moved by the house voting to condemn president trump over his this attack on four democratic congresswoman quite a scene here on the House floor. A raucous fight exposed those deep partisan divide here on the hill. The House is not in order to Speaker Jefferson Georgia vigor parliamentary inquiry quiet gentlemen suspend gentlemen was what you're saying right now. Mr Collins Gentleman Mr Collins. I see nothing that references anybody's right okay hold the role of what that guy says total BS. Yes like you can still be racist without actually saying somebody's race. We all know the ship you people. We don't like your kind around here. Go back to where you came from either. This congressman is being willfully ignorant or he's genuinely clueless and never knows when people are shitting on him probably sitting next to some woman who's like man someone needs to use the odor and he's like who who's that Jerry talking about me because she didn't use my name so yesterday was total chaos on the house right right then after about two hours of doing it was decided that the Republicans were right according to the rules you can call the president racist on the House floor and that's when eric swallow former presidential candidates and woke Kendall stepped up to the plates. We have an opportunity today to condemn or condone. Birtherism is racist saying a Mexican judge can't be fair because of his heritage is racist saying immigrants from Mexico Texaco are rapists is racist and telling four members of this body to go home is racist and then you think it's not racist his point of border. Do you think it's it's the gentleman was suspended. Gentlemen was saying right now. Mr Collins Damn Eric Swell. Well does not give them in what he has. He's got that I just dropped out of the race swag. That's what he's got. Yeah you know when you've just been fired from your job yet and in that moment. You don't think you'll ever work at another job. That's what he has. That's when you truly at your most powerful. He's throwing Burger patties on the.

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