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Keeping a watch on Ben Taub hospital. Where might have Marino is watching to see officers being brought there we understand at least one is being taken there. But also keeping watch on memorial Hermann where the mayor is in route to and that's also where questing Dobbin is standing by live to bring us the latest there Kristie. We are just outside memorial Hermann hospital and a huge police presence. Just behind me as we arrived on scene. You can see a lot of these officers here. I want I witnessed when I was running up said that he saw multiple ambulances arriving here on the scene. We know at least one officer was transported by lifelike here to memorial Hermann. We do not know the the status of all of those officers, nor do we know their identities, but just getting into the medical center, very difficult right now is there are a lot of police converging here on the scene. A lot of roadblocks is they're trying to make it easier. For those officers to arrive and check on their fellow men and women who were injured here at the scene about again, a very very serious situation as we know five officers injured transported to the hospital. All of those officers here at memorial Hermann and also many of the fellow officers here as we were driving. We also saw other agencies on their way here to check on them. And we understand that a public information officer from. The police department as well as the police chief the mayor we expect to hear from all of them as soon as they have some updated information about a lot of police here, very very concerned about this developing situation and still a very active scene in Houston as five police officers have been shot at least one suspect down. What are your status? Updates say. What if every ounce of your being how update the status of a person and.

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