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Don't mean I'm saying I'm saying the way society looked at the world. Sometimes thank you yes great. Thank Mrs Hill Cook Cook. What was her maid memorable? Meal that Mrs Lancashire Hotpot. It was pretty amazing. Actually get the cross strikes. You know one of the things. I used to live with potato cakes real. Take me about it. Yeah so it wasn't. I don't think I grew up in any way straight. Just not even close to it. I think the most exciting thing to look forward to was that we used to go to a Chinese restaurant with my aunties family. Sometimes which was like so exotic off the scale and it was in a beautiful little Park Cheshire as well so is it was an event to go to if you know the main and again something that would be a treat with that. We'd go to a pub where you which you'd have like this campaign chips on God knows what is put food back. Then you know. I didn't really grow up in food family in that way. It's all. Oh you touring England. We are going to joining us next. April we go to Australia New Zealand. Japan I in February March and uh-huh we now looking here and this is for fifty. No we're kind of doing best off at the moment and we're kind of like a great is tense or marginal longtime ago. Yeah we're not done for a long time and you. This new this fifty-one Adriano. Always I don't even know you real fun So basically what I've done is I've re recorded of the old old songs again. So it's all original versions of their but we've literally Don mcgann and partly because when we discuss this thing about doing a best of I. I was kind of saying well. It's all out that. Can you just repackage it and say here is again folks. It's like you got to do something with it. So we recorded one brand new song and then nothing until eleven in the end of all the old ones so never going to give you together forever and a bunch of this and a couple of the new ones of communist redone for foreign just said well boom and it's been really interesting too because for one some of them are really old like really old and up singing them a long time. I did have a stop for about about fifteen years in the middle of it. All say the middle of all this sounds so wherever I just stopped never thought I'd do it again so that I was sick of it would daughter and I just kind of I wasn't really enjoying it for sure and it wasn't really about music. I wasn't really doing a whole lot music. I did a lot of miming on TV. I did a lot of because again in the late eighties and possibly early nineties. I guess us you went on TV and mind. You didn't really go on. TV and sing. Nobody sang on top of the POPs. What's you go back to like Giradi? Around one of the things I loved about them when they WANNA top of the pops every now and again they just swap instruments. So I didn't even talk. Be Playing Guitar Bass they just swapped round so we have a singing was live no no one. Nobody Sang live on second line. Nobody could you wear it. Lips wouldn't even bother to use a microphone. Sing to the.

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