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45 ladies covert numbers from the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts with 3659 newly confirmed cases. I'm just over 49,000 do tests. There were 58 newly reported deaths in Massachusetts today. Long time Speaker of the House, Robert Leo said his goodbyes this afternoon on Beacon Hill. He had served as speaker for record six times. California artists remaking a sculpture of Rianna Taylor after the original had been vandalized in Oakland over the weekend, a controversial statue depicting Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave was taken down. Park Square in Boston early this morning. In Massachusetts. Abortion rights will be codified into law and access to the procedure will be expanded. This comes after the Senate today joined the House and overriding governor Charlie Baker's veto. The bill, which has noticed the role act expands access to abortion beyond 24 weeks in cases of fatal fetal anomalies as well is lowering the age of consent. 18 to 16 with governor vetoed the bill Christmas Eve. He said he strongly supports the right to access reproductive health care but cannot support reducing the age that women are required to get permission from a parent or a judge. On Capitol Hill. Whether or not the $2000 direct payments proposed by the president will get a vote of the Senate floor is still very much up in the air. The majority leader, Mitch McConnell, did not commit to a vote on $2000 relief payments that President Trump and Democrats are demanding. Speaking of the coronavirus relief package, McConnell said this bipartisan compromise was our shot at getting help to working families. On the urgent timeline. That they need. He said he would work on responding to the concerns raised by President Trump when he signs the $900 billion pandemic relief and government funding bill on Sunday. Catherine FOLDERS ABC NEWS Washington Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, urging the Senate to override a veto on the defense spending bill. The Senate convened to consider whether to override the president's veto on whether to increase direct stimulus payments to Americans without overwhelmingly voted. To override that veto the Senate to consider it tomorrow It's important legislation will be passed into law. President Trump is rightly noted, This year's defense bill does not contain every provision that we Republicans would have wanted. I'm confident our Democratic colleagues feel the same way. That is the case every year. My bad bill affirms the 3% pay raise for U. S. Troops as well as improvements for military housing and more cases of corner virus have now surpassed 19 Million in the U. S. More than 334,000 Americans have died in the nation's most populous state has been seeing the greatest surgeon case the U. S military now deploying medical troops to help California's overburdened hospitals. Buckling under the pressure of skyrocketing covert cases. Los Angeles County the epicenter, taking new action requiring all travelers.

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