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Large refund only means that the government has been earning interest on your money. Adjust your deductions. So You keep more of your money throughout the year instead of relying on a windfall tax season I am. I don't follow that advice because stuff happens and I don't know how our tax situation might change throughout the year. So do we received significant refund and it was in our bank account when I checked it Saturday morning Saturday afternoon. We went shopping. You see our oven broke a couple months ago and that forced us to rely on stove top cooking. And I can tell you when you don't have an oven. You really do. Miss it and the part that we needed to fix. That oven was discontinued. So yeah the day that the refund showed up in our account. We went out and we bought a new stove appliances from certain independent appliance. Store that has been in business like forever and the particular model that we bought is the same prices was big box stores except at this store. That price also includes free delivery free takeaway of the old appliance. How awesome is that? Plus they have an extended warranty if you choose to buy it which is less than what you would expect for a service call. And they don't hard Sarah either. You have thirty days from the date of purchase to decide and this store has their own in house service department. So great store to deal with. We went there. We bought the new stove on Saturday. We pay cash for it out of our tax refund and the stove was delivered on Wednesday. Okay that's the weekend Saturday. Go Stove shopping Monday Monday. The Guy was supposed to show up to realign our front door and as I already mentioned that did not happen. He was rescheduled for Tuesday. So I guess. The week wasn't quite perfect on Tuesday. I got new tires for the van. We were told back in the fall that our tires needed to be replaced in. They needed to be replaced before winter. They did not specify. Which winter did they? I felt like I was driving on borrowed time which I probably was but we made it through snow and freezing rain and now with tax refund. I could finally AFFORD TO PAY CASH FOR NEW TIRES. New Tires installed and this is the first time ever that. I've had tires installed without being and alignment in fact when I said that I wanted an alignment. The service manager asked me why and he told me that I most likely wouldn't need one but you know if I did need one. They would do one for me. Turns out didn't need one so more money stays in my pocket and also on Tuesday. The door guy came in realigned. Our door Wednesday. The new stove arrives Woohoo Friday. I disassembled our kitchen faucet which had been dripping for quite a while. Now the thing is I had no idea. What brand was there? Were no visible defining. Markings anywhere on this thing either. Above or below the sink so I had to do a little forensic work when I was taking this thing apart. Now it turns it's Mon. The MOANS hot cold indicator thing is stylized but with so many brands on the market and with all of the looking almost identical. I couldn't be one hundred percent sure but after taking this thing apart I could look inside the inside the body of the thing and I could see the logo from that point. I went to the moon website. Identify what Cartridge I head and found the instructions for removing and replacing it. Then I headed over to home hardware. The home hardware store to buy a new cartridge. Moen has a fantastic lifetime. Warranty offers free cartridge replacement but I was not the original purchaser. Nor did I know when it was purchased nor did I have any receipts so I totally didn't think that I would be entitled to the Free Replacement in fact I had been budgeting about two hundred fifty dollars for a new foster because I didn't know that pedigree of the one we had so buying a fifty dollar cartridge was still going to save US money so I walk into the hardware and the dude in the red shirt asked me what I'm looking for as I started to head over to the plumbing? I'll I tell him I need a Mohan twelve twenty five cartridge. He leads me to the front of the store to allow cabinet. He takes one out. Hands it to me. Great I go to the CASH REGISTER TO PAY. Nope no charge no receipt necessary. No need to bring back the old cartridge just here. You go thank you very much. So fixing an annoying dripping faucet cost me absolutely nothing time. Sometimes things really do go. Well it means so often. It feels like we're taking one step forward two steps back but this week that. I'm talking about which was a couple weeks ago now. Everything went our way except for you know the door guy being no-show one day but let's ignore that so here is hoping things go well for you. You Open up a wall without opening up a can of worms. May Your repair costs less than you expect. May the tools you need for the job already beyond hand or on sale at a ridiculously reduced price. Me You finish that project ahead of schedule and under budget and when things do go wrong may you always remember.

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