Joaquin Phoenix Joker, Kirk, Kenny Gallaudet discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast


Maybe like Joaquin Phoenix Joker where it's like I don't like maybe he could be evil but also could just be really silly and like maybe he could be evil and powerful or he could also just be silly and kind of just weird and not know what he's doing. And so I think it's the first one, but we don't know because so much of what he's done so far in free agency has really deviated from our expectation, right? And I'll get to Kirk in a second, but like basically swapping out one guard for another guard, you know, one linebacker for another linebacker like same age, same relative skill set, but you're just paying more for the other guy. Maybe he's laundering money. It could be that kind of thing where you're just sort of in your hiding it in NFL free agents. It could be like a fun scheme, but season 5 of Ozark is going to be absolutely insufferable. But Kirk is, you know, one thing I'll give him credit for, which I didn't realize as much as, you know, and kind of went back and looked at it was he really is an accomplished sort of 50 50 ball guy. Like he does win. I think last year since Kenny gallaudet was hurt all year. Kirk was the 50 50 ball guy last year. I think he was the best 50 50 ball receiver beyond 20 yards in the NFL or whatever it was. That said, you probably draw in the third cornerback for most of those. Second or third cornerback for most of those. And it was striking to me that cliff Kingsbury, the combine, just listening to him talk. He's like, yeah, we just didn't have any options when Deandre Hopkins went down. It's like, well, you know, you did..

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