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So the storyline broke from Christine Brennan who is scheduled to be our guest in the moment that the news broke still working as to whether that will happen for a brief moment here today or be shifted but none the less we understand the the breaking news moment Christine Brennan USA today reporting this veteran Olympic committee member Dick pound told USA today that Monday afternoon that the Tokyo twenty twenty Olympic Games will be postponed likely to twenty twenty one details to be worked out in the next four weeks the conversation went on to say that the parameters going forward have not been determined but the gains will not start on July the twenty fourth a pound is a Canadian who has been one of the most influential members of the IOC for decades said he believes the IOC will announce its next steps soon he says quote it will come in stages we will postpone this and then begin to deal with the ramifications of moving this which are immense and I get that I mean you people thank god the big deal so they're just going to delay it until October or they'll just push it back one year is not nearly that simple and so we're going to find this out on Sunday I. O. C. president Thomas Bach said he was going to take the next four weeks to decide the fate of the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to begin July the twenty fourth but that has suddenly changed so again that landscape of our sporting world continues to change and in fact the the breaking news of the story line I just read from Christine Brennan Christine joins us live on the program at least briefly here Christine obviously breaking news in the moment give us I read some of that but tell me what you know what you've learned yes I am hi guys I was honored to break the news I just spoke with Dick pound the veteran international Olympic committee member long time serving for decades from Canada kind of on the phone today I've known him for years and we chatted and he said and this is on USA today on my Twitter feed and see Brendan sports you can find the news on the basis of the information the IOC has Dick pound told me postponement has been decided until kills twenty twenty games the parameters going forward have not been determined but the games are not going to to start on July twenty fourth that much I know you went on to say that they will come the decisions in the news will come in stages to postpone this he said and begin to deal with all the ramifications of moving this which are immense that's Dick pound speaking to me and I'm very proud to have that story has Ingevity manner and that seventy pounds in the eighties give me a call today picked up the phone he said he's got a lot of calls picked up mine lucky me and I ask them the questions and got the answers and and I said why hasn't this been discussed a wide in Thomas Bach the IOC president say this yesterday said I don't know but he said this is what's going to happen it postponement is happening and it used to be a vice president of the international committee so unless you've got it all wrong which I do not believe he does because he knows and I double check triple check quadruple check my northwestern professors would be proud I checked with him time to say this is exactly what we're gonna say Dick to Dick pound and he said yes absolutely Christine Brennan joining us live she's just broken the news that the Summer Olympic Games set to begin July the twenty fourth in Tokyo will be postponed so why do you think the shift from what Thomas Bach said yesterday the IOC president as you report in your piece he said that they would make this decision over the next four weeks why do you think the the about face they're the one eighty from yesterday to today well again I am going to get crown including one IOC member who has the guts to speak on the record so with that in mind it's just he he's he's always been honest and forthright and and I getting out front of stories and so that's why the story is labeled exactly that that Dick pound is saying that the games are going to be postponed so what is going on internally could be that they just want to get their ducks in a row they just want to potentially have you I have to give the Japanese that Tokyo organizers more time because my goodness what a undertaking it will be to postpone so that's it but it is Dick pound the IOC member veteran and venerable IOC member saying that and why that's why the IOC president did not do that yesterday's probably there's a lot of a lot of things going on behind the scenes for sure well relationships matter so good on you to to have the conversation with Dick pound to be able to turn this around and break this news I know it's a breaking news cycle so we'll let you go here and and hopefully we'll get a chance to visit at greater length later in the week to talk about the ramifications of these decisions absolutely sounds good and then side might for my crazy the day today but for good reason right yeah thank you Christine thank you Christine Brennan joining us live on the rich Eisen show that breaking news is that the Summer Olympic Games reportedly now will be postponed probably until twenty twenty one on Sunday I'll see president Thomas Bach said they would take the next four weeks to decide the fate of the Olympic games set to begin on July the twenty fourth in Tokyo but today veteran Olympic committee member Dick pound told Christine Brennan and USA today sports that they will be postponed likely to twenty twenty one details to be worked out over the next four weeks we will visit with Christine Brennan at some point later in the day in the week more extensively on the decision also the ramifications which are significant but breaking the news just moments ago and now telling us on the rich Eisen show what she had learned just within the last hour yeah I can imagine just everything that needs to happen in order to do what's going to happen right move an entire Olympics game a year later I would assume that that would just take like you said weeks and weeks of of planning to get done but once again I don't think this is really much as of a surprise I think the writing kind of been on the wall right and and now it's official thanks to Krista in getting that news out there that they were gonna have to push this back by a year and like I said before the other thing I think about is not only the planning of everything that needs to go in but just athletes whether that's a a male or female who said this is my last Olympics and train for everything and now what do you do it for another year is is that what you do or maybe you had a spot that you had on the team and is that spot now up for grabs in and maybe your dream of making the Olympics at that spot you thought you had a secured somebody else behind you is now gonna have another year of maturity and seasoning they could possibly take your spot so I mean some of these planets it's the athletes obviously to get affected and it makes you wonder what it is that will be the next through live sporting event we're gonna see M. A. N. I was we were talking with the you know Connor in the first hour of the rich Eisen show today about the potential of made for TV live sporting events that could be golf or tennis or he thought even boxing or MMA as a possibility if all of contestants those who were involved in it directly are tested and cleared before but I'm wondering which will be the first somebody's going to be the first somebody's gonna come forward and there is going to be a live sporting event that's going to get a ton of runs the only thing on it because it's the only thing of your all looking for that live real time competition somebody's going to be the first to break the seal on how that works from a television broadcast live not audience at all and what that will be and I I don't know you keep you tend to think you can't be obviously the larger format a team sport but a golf match play concept a a tennis match Joel says a dog show I think that's it John things animal athletics is different falls under different a I like I might get an animal athletics now if that's all we've got by the way dog shows horseracing whatever yeah so I I don't know what the first one will be but whatever it is it will garner a ton of attention right don't you think that there are television network executives right now racing to the idea of what they can get that would be first and best is just gonna throw something out there that's not of interest the question we can find that first best concept to break the seal on this you're gonna see a ton of copy cats and it's it will take on a life of its own the question to that is like you said why everybody would have to be tested right to make sure if you had the MMA match that boxing match that everybody involved that is our our round that is not Ted has not tested positive for the corona virus and if you do that then it brings up the question how did they get fast tracked is it because they wanted to put something on TV before everybody else well here are you want to deal with that side of the thing that I can hold this is why we're getting sports because day got fast tracked you know that's you'll you'll see that other side to write is soon as you get to the point where testing is widely available where that doesn't become an issue I think you'll see it okay you know when there are things that you could do now we'll talk about that you know the two cameras different arenas the virtual horse competition in basketball to have two stars playing but in their own GM's with it with the you know two or three cameras set up where they can do it live in real time to to have that competition but John I don't know that that carries the day other than you combine it with interviews you know if you put lebron and Steph curry in that situation they're in separate gyms but they're playing a virtual live horse that be great and you can interview them and have the backstory of the conversation of you know what life is like how life is different we want that fish bowl concept now and all of these things are certainly those things are in play because some of these athletes are very clear testing right yeah and the other the other support that he is doing it right I think it's NASCAR NASCAR had its first the Dixie vodka one fifty iRacing event at virtual homestead Miami speedway on Sunday it was Denny Hamlin bumping off Dale Earnhardt junior to win that event you know it so that's a sport that that it has gotten a room brace this very quickly the east port side of things with NASCAR I think it's a sport that fits perfectly right because you actually have the competitors in a virtual car virtual type of set up right with the steering wheel with the brakes they're connected in more so you can't do that with any other any other sport you can't because no one else gets into something right gets into some sort of contraption and so I think that's NASCAR's doing it up the right way that that to me sounds really really fun to watch NASCAR all of a sudden this east port side of things because it's the real drivers competing so I think they're doing it it may be the first to kind of have the well we authority to do that we were talking to on green former NFL or who is in the east fourth world and there that environment is thriving right post Jersey sports environment is thriving so that conversation maybe we'll dive a little deeper into that as we run through the week as well third hour of the program Rick Stroud Tampa Bay times on the story line behind the story of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting Tom Brady into a two year deal that happens in about thirty minutes about twenty minutes past the hour in our third and final hour of the show today my thanks even though it was abbreviated to Christine Brennan who joined us on breaking news we'll reschedule her up for a longer form interview later in the week this is the rich Eisen show everybody rich I was in here I want to tell.

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