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Eyes continues to track across the deep south to the North East with a collective message from the millions of people still without power across the state of Texas. Come on, guys. This has been too long just wants a warm shower and you know, peace and quiet and maybe watch a little TV. He's in Dallas, where pipes are frozen solid. Still no timetable on when heat and lights will be restored statewide as power companies. And politicians squabble over blame. Lisa Thanks Jeff America is listening to Fox News. Lucky three. W Why PC Mobile news on the level on the go. You carry a gun 22 cloudy my mouse and a girl for Riverview Hospital. Here's what's trending up one of two a new bill at the State House would no longer require Hoosiers to have a permit for their handgun. Johnny Bridges, reports how in Indiana sheriff feels about it. He says the bill would allow Hoosiers to exercise their constitutional right. We have this type of law in place in 16 states, and really, that's what data supports on so we don't have to make an emotional decision or a gas. We can look at some of the data and see that these states are among the safest Hamilton County Sheriff Dennis Quaking Bush speaking to double you. Ivy sees the gun guy. He also believes the bill wouldn't have an impact on officers. 50 or criminal activity. Donnie Burgess 93 double The IBC Mobile News. The Winter Storm has shut down more than a dozen oil replied Aries in Texas, Chris Davis reports on how that will affect Indiana gas prices yesterday, wholesale gasoline prices rose from 10 cents a gallon. And her up again this morning on the loss of those refineries. Patrick DeHaan with gasbuddy dot com, he says. Expect to see it go up soon and stay that way if they can't get the refineries up by this weekend. Chris Davis 93 w I. B C Mobile news traffic mother Next. It's one of three Mm hmm. Hola. Method.

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