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Moving and they don't shy away from that i mean they really do handle they they deal with loss and grief and i just find it to be very very satisfied saw the opening episode and liked it the only criticism i have is that i was catching like every third word into the you're right i mean you do have to kind of get used to the language but i think you can pick up from you it's possible it's like you can pick up there talking about from context but brilliant cast a lot of them i don't know she's really the one that i'm the most familiar with but it's fascinating it's good i'm looking forward to digging into i stumbled into something that hooked me for three and a half hours and it's the hbo documentary elvis the servers show right this is the one that priscilla did right priscilla's executive producer tom's zimny is the director i would call it half brilliant because the first half is brilliant they they discussed the roots of elvis music and they get archival footage of gospel singers preachers who sing country singers are in be they get these performers and they all give you the mix that led to elvis and then and now this i'm gonna quote hank stewart from the washington post of whom i am a fan class he mentioned they show the kenna scoops of elvis's first appearances on television and they slow them down and it's like hypnotic and magical and the mix of of the third or fourth generation level image is like my god this guy was an artist and the rest of the film they and the first part ends with his nineteen sixty eight comeback you know and we had forgotten this special that.

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