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Yeah. Take sues over lamb, of course. I think Susan the first twenty rounds. Yes. I think he's your fourth or fifth outfitter and agree that he's going where ship next. All right Stevens got draft today. And he's putting all his trust in you guys to make final two picks wants a hitter in a pitcher that aren't being drafted most leagues. It can win him his league. Aren't being drafted aren't drafted. We mentioned we met few. So we'll we'll give you knew guys. Sure Lopez is like beavers going than Pablo is at the top of my worst. And be should be doing. Let me not being drafted. This new ADP got click conflict and click to get to the end. Or I got a pitcher for you to Kristen Stewart of Detroit is probably gonna hit twenty home runs lease piece. And I mean, again, we're not trying to put excessive weight in the spring numbers. But it's been a a promising spring for him, which is what he needed. He can hit. He's got pot. Yup. And going right next to ADP friend morass, I staw- no clarity on San Diego's outfield. But I don't see how men willmar go can start centerfield. I and they're saying we'll Myers will not play center. He's leftfielder. So hunter Renfro is getting drafted in a whole lot of leagues and may not play regularly. Now, I don't know what they're gonna do. I guess try raise or Renfrew center. I haven't seen much talk about Franci creek Dera. I say Ryan McMahon's another guy to watch. He could get four hundred. Appearances and do damage, in course, what do you got the pitcher? I was thinking Michael Pineda seeing him ending up going as a mixed league. Reserve bought a lot of promising signs on the health front kind of like the Caleb. Smith thing. I said earlier in the show the hitter I'm seeing going around the reserve times in and we're talking about the just the majority of mixed leagues. And most definitely understand games. Rhino Hearn o'hearn another guy who's put up pretty decent disciplined numbers during spring training. I think that's a positive that locks down a job from. He does very good power. I am a big Ryan on her venue. Saw me take him in our sim keeper as well. And I'm expecting. I have been my score. She league I know in a platoon with Matt Davidson, I've got like four platoons on my scoresheet team Hearn with Davidson Davidson hits left. He's and he hits for power. I've got one I've got greater Sohn and cannon right field. I think that's great. I love that platoon. What else do I have? I don't know. I gotta think about Tyler O'neil. We're going with the os. Tyler neil. You know, I actually took fat Dexter Fowler and a league because I think they might bat him at the top of the lineup and two years ago. He wasn't so bad. Now, I do tell our new house a lot of a lot of power potential, but they can't give up on Fowler. And I think they have to play baiter center don't they do because of the defense. The defense is far too important. I mean, you could slot baiter out against the tough Raitis. We're talking about a couple of minutes ago, but you do that at the expense of defense. And it's not like man more. We just didn't hit it all last year. Baiter hit for some pop against lefties and can still base. He crushes on the batting seventh or eighth. Yeah. Yeah. So all right, by the way, sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five there's nothing to do with Tyler Neil thing is when you start to notice hair loss, it's too late. It's easier to keep the hair you have to replace the hair..

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