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We should do something that focuses on on the loop on logistics and and You know you could really just sorta go back until another story about this in two thousand seven. Summer of two thousand seven, so the the recession really started by in September. Of Two thousand eight. If you remember the YEP, well in the summer of two thousand seven I, was over at a big three pl one of the one of the really big ones. And, and they had had a bunch of orders cancelled. And and it was. It was upstream kind of carrot, so wasn't consumer stuff it was. It was upstream stuff. and. I was thinking about that, and I was talking to the boss of this large sweep, pl L. and he goes. You know work concerned that we're starting to see. Manufacturing, orders starting to slow. Well that was in the summer of two, thousand, seven and I thought I wonder. If things are getting cooler and you know all of my recent former students at the time. I was living in Reno and they were flipping their houses, and and you know plan this real estate game and and I thought. Isn't that interesting? And and I. I believe that logistics has been a leading indicator for a long time. Yeah. I've been up professor of logistics for more than three years now. And so I was thinking man or something up here. Of course, they had no idea. How big the shock was going to be. particularly in in western states like Nevada and Arizona and California, it was tremendous shock. Really River baited revebrated around. reverberated around the the the world, and you could see the beginnings of it in I think it was July of two thousand seven so thirteen years ago. I thought well. This is interesting and and I've been talking about for a few years in four years ago. Talk into these young guys. And my son. Zach was a PhD student here at Arizona. State was just getting ready to. To move to Colorado, state and I said you know that thing we've been talking about. It Goes Dad, let's do that and so we got the other guys in and some of them are econometrics. Economou traditions and And, and so we've been doing it ever since, and it's really interesting, because it seems like it's been. A very predictive with logistics. You can actually see things you know..

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