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Resumed. Every U. S citizen had to have a passport to get back into the country. Some locals who were birthed by a midwife didn't have a formal birth certificate. It looks great, I suppose on paper, but down here it literally means you cannot go across the river. And see your mom and I had persons who had people die in their families, and they couldn't be with him. Part time students in Mexico who took classes at the University of Texas Brownsville campus were no longer welcome because, after 9 11 America would only allow full time foreign students, says Julia Garcia than president of U T B, so our enrollment would have normally been 4000 students. Hey, semester, taking classes in English. It dropped down to less than 50 students. Moreover, people just stopped going to Matamoros for a plate of cabrito or a pair of sandals or good margarita. And parade officials stopped sending floats into Matamoros during the annual Charro Days celebration because of bridge hassles and cartel violence. A look at federal statistics reveals that 10 million fewer people crossed from Matamoros to Brownsville in 2019, compared to 2000 nearly half as many. It was a natural ebb and flow of traffic back and forth that stopped after 9 11. And so have those measures that irreversibly changed life on the border better protected the United States. Acting Border Patrol deputy chief Manny Padilla says they have, he says. Last year, his agents encountered fewer than two dozen individuals between ports of entry on the northern and Southern borders, who were on the terrorist screening database. The Tst B. He added. They're not all terrorists. Some are family members or associates. 9 11 really marked a transformational change or now C B. P s. We are way better posed to, uh, detect first and foremost and then identifying classified people that are that are coming into the United States. As for the alteration of border culture, Padilla, who's from the Arizona border, says a bigger factor was the bloody wars between rival drug cartels that erupted in Mexico in the years after 9 11 People became afraid to travel to Mexican border cities growing up in Nogales, Arizona. We used to freely come back and forth along the border, but I can also tell you that cartel violence became more prominent. You just don't have the same environment that we used to. On that point that the environment has changed. US. Border residents would agree there, sister cities in Mexico have become distant neighbors. John Burnett. NPR NEWS, Brownsville Residents of Louisiana are still struggling with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ida. There is a rising death toll destroyed buildings and a suffering economy. And that is being felt in Louisiana's multi billion dollar fishing industry here more tomorrow afternoon. Listen on your radio or ask for smart speaker to play NPR and you are listening to all things considered from NPR News and more of the program is just ahead on KQED. In fact, NPR's Nina Totenberg in the next segment, we'll speak with San Francisco native Supreme Court justice. Stephen Breyer, who has written a new book about the court and that conversation just ahead with more of the program coming up 6 18 on Thursday evening on KQED, We check traffic with Julie Depeche beginning this update in Fremont. And still trying to clear up this mess on South 8 80 Before Dakota Road. Several vehicles evolved there on the shoulder, a separate record Alvarado Boulevard that's not blocking either. It is slow into Hayward to Tennison Road. Better news across the bay in Mountain View south. Wanna one after North Ring Store three car wreck That's all on the shoulder Now and east about 80 the issue of freeway looking at 35 minutes from Emeryville to the car, Kenya's bridge Julie Depeche were KQED Julie. Thank you. Traffic support comes from Lucky and Lucky. California Support for KQED comes from National Geographic documentary films, presenting Fauci a portrait of Dr Anthony Fauci, whose career spanned seven presidents, and his book ended by Two pandemics, HIV AIDS and Covid 19 Fauci in theaters Friday, Oakland International Airport, the heart to the Bay Area and Soul of the East Bay,.

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