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Us from from the trading places you want clip you. Yeah i think this gives us. You can hear it clear Only have one left the might be left which which deserves some comments from as you play yours last or why don't we might not play mine at all. Really what do you got mice. Not funny among neither is mine. Gene mccarthy. She's always funny. She's got that brogue. Actually ben in the united states anyway as good at a clip this reopening. I have a question after this clip place reopening the aca. Let's look more closely now at the changes in orders. President biden announced today in healthcare as amnon avaz explains the moves are designed to expand coverage and reverse some of president trump's actions on abortion and family. Planning judy key part of one. Executive order signed today will reopen enrollment for the affordable care act. What many call obamacare mr biden other executive action will revoke the mexico city policy often known as the global gag rule that rule barred funding groups overseas that performed abortions or offer information about them covering all of this for the washington post is page winfield cunningham and she joins me now page. Welcome to the news hour and thanks for being here. We reported earlier in some of the details around those executive actions. Let's talk about the impact. Though on this. I move really opening enrollment. For the aca from february fifteenth to may fifteenth healthcare dot. Gov people know that site does not reach every state right. So how many people in who exactly is the biden administration trying to reach with this right well as you say they open healthcare dot gov there are more than a dozen states that also run their own marketplaces instead of using the federal website. And most of those states have also announced that they're going to be opening their enrollment for that time period limited time period. Going up to may fifteenth. And that's coming. Those announcements have come from california minnesota many of the large states that run their own marketplaces. So really. this decision is going to apply to the vast majority of people in the united states. And what's interesting about. This is a pandemic is the reason that the president is citing for doing this. But i actually think the bigger impact is going to be around the timing of this for years tax. Experts have actually said you could maximize enrollment in health coverage if you aligned tax filing season with a c. a enrollment and not because a lot of lower income people who might be eligible for subsidies but might have trouble affording premiums if you align that when they're filing their taxes and getting tax refunds back. That could actually help incentivize them. Yeah that was. That wasn't a by wanted. That's what you asked for. I know the clip. I told you to play. Is there a different one. You wanna play. now. It's just too complicated when i do. I will play this one though. Just don't feel bad about it. This is the pbs. I call it goes hollywood. And so what we have. Is those crappy video. Said the all these hollywood douche bakes. Put out where you have. The high cut from person to person to person to person to person with a white background we need. We need to live sustainably. I'm john legend knows the the douche bags so they decided. Pbs decides to do something similar. Here's what you ended up with. But the process of getting that shot can be difficult and overwhelming. We wanted to capture a sampling. Of what americans say they're facing. My name is nora galina. I live in zephyr hills florida. My name is andrea shiloh. And i'm in houston texas. My name's helen. Marshall i live in montgomery county pennsylvania. My name is karim beans. And i live in st louis missouri. I teach middle school theater in st louis right now. Susan daniel anonymous dallas texas. My name's jason mon. And i'm a letter carrier from Brentwood new york. Nitrile try every day multiple times a day to see if an appointment has opened every hour. Basically until i go to bed trying to do what was that was terrible. That was supposed to be like. We're we're all getting the vaccine. We're we're clicking on the website. Every minute of the day is that what can get they want. They all want to vaccine. Everybody had a slew uphill. We want the vaccine but he can't get in lyon. We can't get an appointment. I don't know what we're gonna do. Demands to high. Oh yeah that's it. Yeah okay yeah demands to high sure. People don't want your stinking vaccine. That's the problem you do anything. Keep people Give people lines.

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