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Oh, AJ officials now recommend that unvaccinated people who are exposed to someone with covert 19 should quarantine for 14 days. Previously the away J and the CDC said a 10 Day quarantine or a seven day quarantine with a negative covert test or acceptable alternatives, But with the rise in cases, they say, a 14 day quarantine is the best option to prevent the spread. Those were fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine if they're exposed to a person with Cove in 19, a man is jailed for unlawful use of a weapon after a homeowner caught him breaking into his vehicle early yesterday morning in Dallas, east of Salem, Dallas. Police say they responded to the home on southeast for Villa world where the homeowner was fighting with the suspect, and both were reported to have guns. Officers in Polk County Sheriff's deputies detain the suspect ever nearly his firearm looked like a real handgun but turned out to be a BB gun dealer is also charged with robbery theft, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle in possession of methamphetamine. Washington Legislature passed a bill to cap carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Washington Governor Jay Inslee says this is a major step forward in the state's effort to battle climate change. We finally have meaningful climate legislation. That reflects the values and priorities of Washingtonians and that respects the science of climate change. Bill makes Washington the second state of the U. S. To pass such extensive climate change legislation and the second Monday of October would be indigenous Peoples Day, an organ under a bill that passed by the Organ House. The state will no longer recognize Columbus Day..

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