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I feel in love with that city organization right away and that's summer ended up resigning For six years with Tampa yeah they're organization over the last twelve. Years has really been impressive. The watch. I mean talent after talent. You got stamkos headman. There's so much talent on a team right now and did you play with stamkos. Was he there when yup yup yup. I play with her the whole time i was there. Yeah obviously unbelievable guy. Could captain him became very close. Good friends good friends now. So i was extremely excited last year when i got to see the same finally went after all the injuries. And everything he's got to finally let you know that was That's pretty special. So did you play in tampa with our good friend. Jt miller de did yeah. He was part of the wave of new york players that they came over. It seemed like new york and tampa opened up the floodgates trade wise we had boiler strongmen mcdonagh me And then obviously You build. He came over as well. i played with him in new york. And then i i also played with. Yeah he had mentioned that He drinks more guinness than you sat right. Couple on the road. Dory we We put the a couple of times. But he's a great guy. We we have some The memorable nights in some good days together he had mentioned I think one memorable have been a couple of memorable nights. After you guys got swept in tampa. He said that you guys had a good good few nights there with with the guinness. Oh yeah we did Probably one too many but sometimes apart. Tenderer researchers yeah. I'm sure that as well right up. Its argument on them so exactly. What was your Nude or expectation like or thought process when you found out in two thousand and ten that you were named to team usa for the winter olympics in vancouver..

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