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Instagram's thinking about getting rid of likes but for now it's just a test it's been running the test in Canada since may in the idea is to hide how many likes people's posts receive as it tries to combat criticism that such counts her mental health now Facebook says the test has been expanded to Ireland Italy Japan Australia Brazil and New Zealand people can still see how many people like to their own photos but won't see counts for other people's posts rather they could tap to see a list of all the accounts that lake the other posts but would have to count the total manually roller coaster riders were stuck for nearly two hours at a Six Flags amusement park in Maryland when the ride malfunctioned a six flag spokeswoman says the ride came to a stop at the top of the lift hill on the Firebird right Thursday night all the guests were escorted safely off but officials said passengers had to wait for nearly two hours on the floor list coaster as the park followed safety procedures Six Flags officials say the right to remain close while it undergoes an inspection scientists say they've identified the earliest sign of humans in southern Greece after they found a chunk of skull in a cave the skulls estimated ages at least two hundred ten thousand years old making it sixteen thousand or more years older than an upper jaw bone from Israel that was reported last year the research published in the journal nature shows our species began leaving Africa much earlier than previously thought the travelers to Greece evidently left no descendants alive today other research has established that the exit is from Africa that led to our world wide spread didn't happen until more than one hundred thousand years later then you work is the latest sign of earlier dad and exits from the continent where homo sapiens evolved.

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