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Kfbk now Trending North complex wildfire now the fifth deadliest in California's history, it burned around 427 Square miles so far. And killed at least 15 people vote centers in stock, No county looking different November Due, of course, to the ongoing health crisis, people provided to all voters, barriers will be in place and the number of voters Limited at one time well, even as California's Corona virus positivity rate continues to fall, many people in Sacramento still putting off necessary medical care, a local emergency room, physician says. That's not a good idea. KP CASE Joe Michaels is live in studio with that story. Okay, 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for emergency room physicians. Dr Nix. Dr. Nikki Brax Lee is a needy physician at Mercy San Juan. She says emergency room visits were at a historic low. When the novel Corona virus began making headlines this spring, One study showed that across the country, we had a 42% reduction in E R visits. So nearly half it was crazy. Once the shelter in place restrictions came Up. Some of the volumes started to rebound here in Sacramento. We're probably about 20% down volume Wise and Dr Brax Lee says. The patients who are coming in are typically very sick and there are a lot more sick than they used to be, like. Let's say if you looked at this time last year, the acuity is very high. And so we think that people are waiting too long to come to the hospital. She's worried that patient's chronic conditions are getting worse there, either coming in a little bit too late or unfortunately, we've also seen some Ponies that have ah, much higher increase in cardiac arrest out in the field, which means the paramedics come out to the house and the patient isn't even alive to bring them into the emergency department. Dr. Brax Lee says there are other options for those who don't want to come to the emergency department were fortunate and our Sacramento community most primary care doctors are open again. So we do have that option. Most of the urgent cares are open again for more mild complaints. There's a lot of telehealth out there, which we certainly encourage people to use if they have a minor complaints, But you think like chest pain, shortness of breath, stroke symptoms. There's just not things that you can ignore, you know, and I think 9 11 or coming into the probably your best bet that being said there's also the topic of flu season, which we're now being faced with in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic. I don't know a year where it wasn't more important to get a flu vaccine. There is not a single person in this world. Predict what this flu season is going to be like We have the possibility of if we have a bad flu year, you're goingto see a tremendous uptick in patients with influenza like illness, But then you also have covert on top of it, and the symptoms are very, very similar. So by getting a flu vaccine, you lessen the severity of the flu. It does not 100% guarantee that you're never going to get the flu. If you do get the flu. If you've had the vaccine, the severity of your illness is much much reduced, she says. Some people may suffer a mild illness after getting a flu shot, but it's usually nothing serious that would include sometimes a low grade temperature or body aches. You're getting an inactivated flu shot, which means you don't get the live virus and you, but you do get some form of the virus that helps your body to build an immune response. So you might not feel good for a couple of days after receiving and that's totally normal doctor but actually says it's also important to note that it takes two weeks for the human body to build an immunity to flu. So if you're getting the flu shot on a Friday, kitty, you won't be immune by Monday. Okay. Joe Michaels reporting there. Thank you, Joe. Let's get some traffic.

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