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Keith olbermann. Calling him in. Yes. Okay. Yes. Thank you. And he probably actually did. I'm sure Thom Hartmann said Trump has a wall ad on cable news with you. Don't vote hate pit. Yep. Paid for Trump twenty twenty campaign or words to that effect. One. Does anybody have a clip of it too since with his ad Trump has declared that the wall is a reelection device for himself. Why are the networks giving him airtime? That's what the networks did. That's how they gave him billions of dollars worth of free airtime during the campaign, and they're still doing it. They haven't learned their lessons at all. You know what I tweeted that yesterday? I said they have not learned a thing doesn't fifteen oncogene using just disgusting. It is one of the is like this descru- Sade. I'm on. I'm just I keep bashing them. Because I don't know how else to get it out of my system. It's just drives me nuts. Okay. I'm going to have trouble reading, I think this is the one I'm having trouble reading because I was this goes. Yeah. No, no why yesterday when I was reading it. I was like wait William Weld award missing well before government shutdown Trump said that exit strategy from wall stalemate was using the Pentagon emergency declaration gets him there. That's that's where I that's a typo gets him. The fact I don't know that. Yeah. There's word missing here. The fact that we get tied up in court is besides the point he'd simply attacked the courts along with Dem's in the media. Okay. Okay. I'm glad so glad you had the same. Because I was like I when I read it, and I put it into the tweets I was like, I get it that and there's a typo. It's like what? Now, how to see from politico drafts of Pompeo speech later this week in Cairo. Also have him praising the Saudis for their handling of the kashogi nays and saying Iran should learn from Saudi Arabia on human rights and the rule of law. This is what should have everyone terrified right now that kind of shit because this isn't a thorn Tehran regime, ramping up and we've got it. Can I end on my own tweet? Yes. Trump hold a tube of yellowcake claim a refugee named Betty Crocker. Rod it in mispronounced nesia claim he ate a mushroom cloud pizza after mumbling something about a smoking gun and declare a national emergency. I don't even know anymore. Yeah. That works. And and you don't need to watch the speech because there you have it. Although again, let me say you don't have to watch it. I'll watch it. So you don't have to David Daniel. Dale of the Toronto Star will no doubt be live tweeting it at Deepdale eight and he will be on this program tomorrow. So we can talk about that. And and how he enjoys being a journalist of Washington. Correspondent for the Toronto Star in the Stanage. All right, God allow find her on the Twitter's that God laugh and here every Tuesday. Thank you Laffy. Yes. Thank you to talk to you later. Bye. And you thank you for being here as always tomorrow. Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star will be our special guest. I'll see you then. Bye..

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