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Two of US shorts with neo me Watterson Albert Frederick. High. This is naming lettuce. Welcome to the US Charts Myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. And its relationship to creativity mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always, I'd like to trigger warning these adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime right It gives me. Great. Pleasure. To introduce my guests today on a friend Adrian, Laurente who's on assignment on musician I was gonNA write a list of words because of my last people one murder the end, but number from one to thirteen. And you can choose the number a mile tell you the words and then we can talk about the. Three. As I, get older I think now living in this meet suit. I realized that with all the things that are happening it may be. The notion of the word us is less. and. I think Today for example, ironically is the ninety. Nine hundred ninth anniversary it's the anniversary of Black Wall Street. Being burnt. and. When I think about the notion of us as these events happen with the riots that are happening this very moment I think there should be less integration. It's less possible. Martin Luther King said something about. On his deathbed type should that. He realized that he had led the Negro into burning house. And I think that. What is coming out more in the laundry now is The notion of the inequality. propagated. Dare I say by White? People. And I think the notion of us is that we're. May, be a little less willing to have that. That we should. Focus on integration as much. And I think we should take back the Negro should take back word us. Look a bit more in to the things that. For example. that. Wall Street, for example, US building. Financial System. US. Being. Able to recognize that the pacemaker. Is Constructed by us in the first instance, the first car before Henry Ford was an ex slave. Jack Daniels. Slave to us, but we never seem to have a notion of us. We seem to have a notion of. I. Would you want to live with fully lift that Aslan? I was born here race in Canada I also think that the US. I don't feel alone even though. I'm walking down the street in. North of England because I feel the sense of us, it might spirit to my soul. I think assistant just a physical place think asses knowledge itself. The knowledge self when I was back candidate and That has grown like the garden I spoke of earlier. The Lone Guy lived here to the point where I'm able to harvest fruit in myself. To not have to live necessarily in the Blue Mountains amongst my people. But. I could then. Live in a log cabin in Canada which trying to get to. And Make separation from. Them. and. Be Able to. Focus a bit more on us even though I'm not physically beside. I would be close to my parents and my family in that unity of us. Is. Something, I don't have as I see here now. So Viva, even that small level even though I wouldn't be in my parents backyard just being on the same continent as them would give me a greater sense of us. Would you let's pitch another number? Six. Unity. It's almost like the system is designed not almost like the system is designed to. Go Out of its way to make sure that you don't feel a sense of unity. So. That word. Is No longer. Something that would make me you know itchen scratch his wants did made me feel uncomfortable maybe if it was mentioned on a personal level. The family. Our family has you know the good thing about being back on this island it's gone to my cousins and I was at my uncle's. Both funerals, their father. I was at. Both of their funerals. A weld in the mini? Back. Together with Uncle Lloyd's welder, he was a welder. So. Unity since this island differently been candidate could have ever done. Has Given me a sense of unity and family and allowed us to heal. As a unit. When I go back if I make it back out, spur my life than. That sense of unity will allow me to be in the woods by myself almost like an oxymoron. But you like to choose another number. Nine. Discomfort I guess I can describe in two different ways. Probably. One of the most familiar words. I live with daily. Because every time I leave the house. I live in West Yorkshire for example now. Every time I leave the house. It's not a lot of other Nikos around so. The minute I step out the door you said vows at seven twenty five to go to the A. Y. E.. And I'm in discomfort from the moment I see someone else in the morning. When I go to the job on the only welder there with a ticket. On that puts me in a particular position because the other welders don't have tickets or qualifications not that you need those things. It. ADDS to the discomfort. So even when you're trying to be better, you've made yourself actually more uncomfortable. So discomforted something I have to get up and leave the house. To demand I get home..

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