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Off Mike Weinstein while we've been watching this parade. Of motorcycles Joe the good news is they've completed their ride northbound on. West street at twelfth avenue up through the mid town area the, bad news is now anybody trying to go southbound is going to, be sitting because they flipped heading down towards downtown so I'm watching the cameras here. On twelfth avenue in the thirties and you could see. Motorcycle after, motorcycle heading on the southbound ride and all, traffic is being held southbound from the midtown area down towards the twenty so. Avoid twelfth avenue in west street for the time being meantime if you're trying to get into the city still looking at about a twenty five to thirty minute delay at GW bridge the Holland tunnel is about five to ten as you come in from. The one nine approach better from the turnpike Lincoln. Tunnel about fifteen to twenty East River crossings, were recovering from the earlier closure of. The Brooklyn Bridge motorcycles with air short time ago it's cleared out very nicely on the inbound side Manhattan and Williamsburg bridge is also doing well looks like A lot of folks jumped over to the battery tunnel to avoid those delays you're in Bhagwandas BQ delays begin. Around the bell Parkway go up to the, Brooklyn, Bridge and the battery tunnel has picked up some extra traffic on the inbound side queens midtown tunnel not doing too. Badly RFK triborough bridge also fairly quiet and are. Continuing to have heavy but easing traffic on the major Deegan expressway in. And around Yankee Stadium it's still pretty heavy on the southbound side, from Fordham road on down at one hundred thirty eight th street, on up now the forecast from the WCBS weather center spell of nice weather continues. Through the start of the work week this afternoon high. Eighty four, with partly sunny skies mean declared comfortable tonight, low sixty eight in midtown near sixty in the Kuta outlying areas or tomorrow. With some clouds I eighty four again with humidity staying fairly low we turned more unsettled again Tuesday we'll have more clouds and sun with a shower thunderstorm around in the afternoon or humid as well and the Hagley eighty two I eighty four this afternoon. Nice with some sunshine back to you what seventy. Eight degrees in town right now up in, central park It lovely in lower Manhattan, right, now watching, boats sailed down the. Hudson under mostly sunny skies it's eighty-two degrees in Newark it's eighty, degrees over in Sussex New Jersey WCBS CBS news time one thirty.

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