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I am super excited to take my new submarine for a test dive. It's going to be epic. I got it on g._d. And the former owner sold it to me for a great price okay so it needed a bit of fixing up and a lot of wealthy but it passed the watertight test. I left it out in that really nasty rainstorm last week in the inside state nice nice and dry. I think it'll be okay. Let's get out of the studio and head out to the ocean hands on deep diving investigation. The problem is i don't really know where to find the bowhead whale and i should probably also brush up on the do's and don'ts of deep sea exploration and marine biology. Hey my friend devon is a marine biologist. Maybe she can give me a couple of pointers <music>. Hello devin speaking. Hey devon. This is earth ranger emma. Hi how are you i'm good but but i'm about to go on a amazing deep diving deep sea exploration and i was wondering if i could get a few pointers. Oh fun yeah of course okay first off. Have you ever built your own submarine to go and exploratory missions into the deep sea. Wow no. I haven't built my own submarine before. That sounds is really cool. I have exposed the deep sea. Though using type of submersible it's called the remotely operated underwater vehicle and it's waterproof camera that goes in the ocean and you can control and drive it from the boat on the surface and with the camera you can see all kinds of creatures and landscapes the bottom of the ocean really wow how i'm kind of curious what would you say is the best place to spot aboard whale. Oh will live in the cold. Arctic waters close to the north pole hole. So one place you could try is the beaufort sea. Most oils have seasonal migration where they swim from cold waters in the arctic to warmer waters near the tropics like hawaii and then back each year but bowhead whales or one of the few whales that spend their entire year in those icy arctic waters beaufort sea good to know so. Have you ever seen one. No i've never seen a bow had whale and i've never been to the arctic. I live on the west coast most of canada and had seen a lot of other whales that migrate up and down the coast here like the gray and humpback whales and it's always really special to see whales in the wild yeah now. What's your favorite marine animal. My favorite marine creature has always been the octopus. I think that they look really cool and beautiful and they're also really really smart. Scientists have shown that they can learn by experience and they have short term memories just like us. That is so cool. What would you say is the most exciting part of your job. We're always learning so many new things about the ocean and i think that's really exciting and we know actually more about the surface of mars than we do about.

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