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Say the impending transcontinental efforts by the railroads and and by the telegraph i mean clearly those were coming of the civil war was going to go on forever absolutely and but here's the thing they new new that the railroad was coming and they knew that the telegraph was coming and they use both of those technologies they kind of incorporated them into their service i mentioned earlier that you could get a letter from new york over to saint joe by by railroad and there had been recently a railroad that had been connected in to saint joseph and that was partly the reason that they selected saint joe they also use the telegraph's the idea for at least for russell was that this would always be a short you know short lived venture we get our publicity we get that big contract and then when we have the railroad you know is going the whole way or even the telegraph we're going to be making money you know from the side routes because it's like ups now you know you're or fedex or whatever system you have you draw you know the big freights go on go on the highway but then how does it get to your house wild bill hickok in the time that we have left here with a part of this he worked for the he worked for the parent companies and he had actually gotten injured shortly shortly around the time that's funny express starts and he was kind of recuperating at one of the stations when he when he's his i guess is i claim to fame which either depending on how you interpret the court testimony he was either preventing this station owners wife from being raped or he murdered somebody in cold blood you know i dunno it's open to interpretation you can take your pick i guess there were there were other shady dealings and the like i mean the murder i guess was part of the story wasn't it absolutely what you know what am i best though is that you know sometimes you get.

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