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Of sleep, no more from beginning to end album everyone has and have you. Well, apparently not. Everyone has most people who know anything about music, revere and respect to that record and would never go on air and slag off off. I'm saying that that song for fear of sounding really don't. You know, I can live with that. That's one of them was the softest word. I could think of you actually cross abbey cross that you're so wrong. It is a great read. It's absolutely you should listen to be honest with you. Never by love. Yes. I've heard that. That's the next track. I'm sorry, maybe in my house, somebody skipped there. I've only live album live in New York. Do you know that that's the one before you can keep saying? I haven't heard that song before. I mean, you know, it's all to use the American. I have no recollection of having heard that song guarantee you this having heard it for the first time after you crucifying it was not the best way of setting up. Do you remember when we did Simon Mark? Funchal bridge over. That's the, that's the record. I know. Okay. Oh LA. Yes. I do know it always known. It was a joke. And what are those? Great. I love him. I love all their records. Because I didn't love that one because I didn't know what it was and you don't have bridge to anyone who can you don't have bridge. There's loads of canonical albums that I don't go out and get them. Why? Because you should Linda's go copy of it. Well, go listen to hers then why? Because you should. All right. I'll make you a deal. I will go home and listen to the whole of bridge trouble was beginning to go home and listen to the whole of sleep normal, but I haven't got sleep him. I'll lend you a copy. Okay. Then. I'll do that. They'll be questions. I think you'll slightly easier than mine. I think you'll find note. I think you find you will. I think you should take this out side anyway. DVD of the week..

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