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Jerome, Tom Tran, Hollywood discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


Protesters are doing a good job of getting their message out four three oh three after CBS news it's two fifty five sponsored by Jerome's furniture your traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five here is Tom Tran wished all the messy drive in the Hollywood freeway trying to get south bound out of Hollywood the backup starts near Santa Monica Boulevard with a crash right through downtown right over near Alameda that's got traffic jammed up the northbound side also slows back ten up towards the four level the one ten also busy trying to get the downtown that's slowing starts way back at the one oh five it's gonna stay busy all the way up towards the four level speaking of the one of five eastbound side backed up at the Foro five stays busy all the way over towards Western Avenue clears up for a few exits in the jams again at the one ten and stays busy right over towards the seven ten south outside of the five santan freeway still busy trying to get out of east LA and the northbound side slows back at Atlantic that'll stay busy up towards Indiana street because we had that earlier protests in west Hollywood that was affecting the drive your Sunset Boulevard in Los yet again you're still seeing a lot of overflow traffic on some of those side streets drum show rooms are now open but we can't make it in you can now speak to a drums expert review products over facetime visit drones dot com schedule your personal face time shopping experience view furniture ask questions even place your order from home shop today and save drum showrooms are now open the next port three oh five more traffic reports more off of top ranking except seventy newsradio southern California weather sunny muggy day today we're looking at beach I was getting into the lower eighties a Los Angeles basin upper eighties nineties triple digits in the valley hot spots overnight lows fifties and sixties.

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