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This is news radio W F L A Big win for the Rays last night 8 to 4 over the Yankees. They are one win away from going to the American League Championship Series. Oh, my gosh! And being I know. I'm sorry. I'm being distracted by Jack Harris right now. Hardboard. Jack Harris. Yeah, I forgot. I put cardboard Jack Harris. He's still here. He's smiling at me stuff looking at me, Jack. I must be in West Virginia. He do You think he's there yet? Yeah, They flew that in Dr. That's right. That's somebody. I got to find it. They're all my tweets. I tweeted out the video yesterday of Jack Harris. And if you go to my Twitter at Aaron Jacobs and 10, you can check it out. But I put Jack's cardboard cut out on his share. So when he came in the host carried see Jack Harris and I took a video of it, and I tweeted it and I said Jack Harris, meet Jack Harris Jack meeting, Jack. And it was just that's all it Wass was a video of Jack. Meaning Jack actually is on Facebook that somebody did this And somebody responded to my Facebook. It was the strangest thing in the world. It was just the video about Jack. And I'm trying to find you here. They just put like something about Barack Obama. Oh, Yeah, I just didn't like I didn't really understand what they were doing. There It was. It was really weird. Do you do that? Have you ever done that were like you see something that has nothing to do with politics, and you put a political story underneath it? No, but I do see those people on Facebook. I'm like looking in the room like Is there anything in the background tied to Barack Obama? But now I think he just You wanted to get his point across every day. I do that. Actually, It's part of my routine. I I find it so strange. I like I'm like, Where did this come? It's literally a just a A video of Jack Harris. All right, here it is. It's a video of Jack Harris. Just Jack saying Hi and Jack, That's it. 10 seconds. On Facebook. And underneath it. I'm assuming one of our listeners. That's fine. I just find it like I've never done this before. So I'm trying to get inside the mind of this. Obama knew everything he didn't need briefed. Okay? Thank you. Uh, yeah, I don't know. I was just taken back by its very loud and clear glad you like the video. You guys watch the debate last night. Natalie said she watched him but I didn't know I was out like a light. Last night. I got an hour in. It wasn't as lively as the last debate. Obviously fly was the main character of them that the most it wass take away. She's not wrong. And the fly has its own Twitter already. I mean, does it? Yeah, that's that's Mike. Pence's fly on the head. Twitter. Eloquent. Well, get down the block that Yeah, that's we're gonna put the video on the blood. You can check it out of you missed it a fly. I landed on the head of Vice President Mike Pence last night during the debate, and I agree with you, Natalie. It wasn't a very lively debate much really clearly it was not. That was the highlight because you guys both separately. That was your leading point. Today, when I spoke to you is A fly landed on Mike Pence's head. Unlike us, the debate was clearly great. Not only was my leading point, it's like stayed on his head for over two minutes, and I don't know if you were like me, Natalie This is your right. Kate is probably how boring it was a time. I was like, disappointed when the fly left his head. Yeah, legitimately disappointing. The best part was getting up today and scrolling down my instagram and seen the Hillary Clinton fly. Apparently, that was the thing in the last election so they might have to compete while the sea which fly was better Have you ever seen somebody get on one of those mechanical bulls? At a bar. You know other mechanical bulls and you're watching right here, just like you. You want to see him fly off, But there's the intrigue of like, then violently shaking around and them not flying off the mechanical bull every time. Mike Pence would shake his head last night. I'm like, is the fly gonna fly off? He's gotta fly on there. No, no clue coming from someone who didn't see it. This whole thing is just a Larry. I was waiting for Kamala Harris to be like you get. Did you get a flying like I think that would have been something that I would have laughed. I think the American the average American like person would say. If Kamala Harris made a joke about the fly that's like endearing yourself of being a human being. All right, let's check in now. Time with time to check in now with Max defender eight. Whether teams Li Span Lee, will it be as hot as it today as it was yesterday. Yes, about I'll tell you what this could.

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