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I'm only kidding. shin and he. he's doing very well he could be here as you know but look I love the guy he's one of my best friends and the and honestly I mean thank god it could have been a lot worse so is a lucky man and so happy he's get out yeah and he. I love watching the women in the director of the Kelly Clarkson shows a good director because I called the Oprah thing because they take the reaction shots it was always great you know there's so many good things about the Oprah show but one of the great things is Joe Terry the director he knew how to find the perfect audience reaction shot you know he always got the perfect tear running down a woman's cheek he always got. watching the women and for each of the blank out at the of sight of the rock hi are you literally LOL on my couch the way he has a re women have a reaction to this guy and I I obviously knew that see it on the Kelly Clarkson show women like the door slid open and there he stood. forty king out because he's so awesome not only helpful to look at but how funny is in charismatic and I know while but yeah overall I I I I I I wish her well I think it'll do well I I need I need I need to find the format you know I mean I need to watch more to figure out okay because day one you can't judges soul with a special show. on their toes you know with that sometimes when it just becomes rat a tat tat okay now they're gonna guess okay now she's gonna do this okay now they're going to do that I like that maybe it's a little bit like on the edge of who's gonna come out next what's gonna happen next will she go a lifestyle segment or what's going to happen yeah well she lacks she has a crafting wall out of you did you hear. have it because I saw the set and she basically everything she asked for she got well yeah so yeah. love to craft with Kelly Clarkson how fun with me yeah no that would be fun live yeah I'd be one heck of a segment I know she was a crafter or hooker right right yet to making crochet jokes mall you don't cry try. five five picked up a few for me over the years. yes dawn Anna remaining those few seconds tell everyone about the Alzheimer's walk if you will yeah it is September twenty eighth at target field I will be joining hopefully my talkers who are on.

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