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Hits the mid sign this season, you see health will donate five thousand dollars to the leukemia and lymphoma society forecast, still dry with temperatures in the upper sixties for Friday's home opener and the nuggets visit Golden State and lose that game. One sixteen one zero two next update at two-thirty, David KO, KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. You have an accident coming in this one's on. I twenty five northbound at spa. Not causing any backups so delays. But please do watch out for any emergency crews other than that the rest of I twenty five wonderful in wide open. From Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, I seventy s clean and green from the mountains to the plains and two seventy two to five and the boulder turnpike. Checking clear there are a couple of closures, however, C four seventy eastbound is closed between Santa Fe and Lucent and westbound between Santa Fe and woods worth. They do have details in place back open at about five thirty this morning. CBS four weather today. Partly to mostly cloudy with a high of fifty eight and a chance of some often in storms. Current temperatures. Forty-five I'm victim on KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. This is a thousand dollars this thousand dollars could be yours. Listening for the keyword for cash on KOA NewsRadio. Hey, you can use this cash towards an expertly picked Mercedes Benz Mercedes of Littleton dot com. Food. Stocks shopping, bad weather conversation, less were more harshly pets family time. Better life. Life information every facet.

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