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What are the mets get for cba nothing well you're not kidding and and certainly no not not well listen i mean one of the worst trades in the history of mankind was that seaver trade bottom line is let me ask you this question because i'm not sure maybe you can help me out before i let you go chuck is a suspect is still on the team yeah somewhere but not not on a major league team had won one more thing okay okay yeah sure sure go ahead there's a there's a kid that the tigers just brought up by the name of grayson greiner he's a big kid he's a catcher two hundred and thirty nine pounds six foot six least you wouldn't be able to miss him on the field and the last time i looked he was sitting over three hundred but you know and they'll probably when when their regular catcher gets well sent him back down to aaa for more seasoning you're not happy with mezza ronco he was batting in the cleanup spot a little while ago measure echo in pilecki either one of them some nice things either either one are there two hundred haters and i'd like to see a little more production the kid i'm talking about grayson greiner had fourteen home runs at double and triple a last year and there's a big kid he's he's hitting over three hundred now in the majors why doesn't sandy look maybe like a deal for blow bliss for greiner they they're sent him back down to the minors two days ago so the bottom line is you know listen if they do you actually think that sandy alderson is going to he's on the way out he's looking to hand off to john rico to be the next general manager and here's wooded oldest and say from yesterday or the day before the mets need tough things out it's really tough watching them play baseball i think what is what has to be for the fans are toughing out if they're watching what we happen to see and and just a little while ago so i mean here's wheeler where you waiting for the.

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