Michael Michael Business, Nixon, President Trump discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast - GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 219: Mayweather-McGregor, Weidman-Gastelum (7-27-17)


You had the champion michael businessman who has only fought the number fourteen th can fourteen contender since he won the title from luke rock hold so he hasn't fought he hasn't fought and how long is pence has been fought ran almost a year it's been over year almost first he recorded his first defence in october okay michael michael business has fought since nixon was president i guess i'll always been so then you turn around you say who's the you know we have the number two contender would you'd be setting up a robert winner curb because he beat you'll romero so robber whitaker you know that's that's going to be the next championship fighters business verses robber witter nope rubber winter could get injured during the the your romero fight which is impressive that he beat the two biggest most scariest guys in the middleweight division by taking a win offer of jack race sosa and your romero but and it says of his next is exvice will do you title but he's actually he has an injury and he's going to be out for a while he said he we in the early as he could return probably 2018 right so whitaker is going on the shelf for awhile neck's luke rock hold luke rock hoad has not fought since he lost the title he's fighting in september but the last time we saw luke rocco he lost so there's another guy were loss you'll romero hey your amirul jess loss to robber winter.

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