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Winds by landfall. Tampa International Airport was slated to shut down that hey ahead of else's arrival. Forecasters warn of storm surge in some areas Meanwhile, the number of people known dead at the Surfside condo collapses now risen to 36 with 109. Others still unaccounted for. Your governor Andrew Cuomo is issuing an executive order declaring a disaster emergency on gun violence. Like many states and cities, New York saw a significant rise in shootings during the pandemic. NPR's Jasmine Guards has more. In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo framed the issue as a public health. Emergency humanity demands that we attacked gun violence. Young people are dying and you know it and you can stop it. The governor laid out a seven point plan, which includes increased funding for youth activities. Unemployment. As well as declaring a war on illegal weapons coming from out of state. He also said he will focus on improving relations between the police and community. Jasmine Garza. NPR NEWS NEW YORK Trump congressional Democrats say they're working to trying to come up with an agreement that will help pay for president binds multi trillion dollar infrastructure improvement plan. We're going to closely divided Congress, the moderate and liberal wings of the Democratic Party have little space for disagreement. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 208 points today. You're listening to NPR and this is 90.9 W bur in Boston. Good evening. I'm Lisa Mullins. Strong thunderstorms are moving through the Boston area. Heavy rain is falling in Maldon, Medford and Saugus. The storm is moving south and east toward the coastline. Another line of storms is farther west in Milford and Hopkinton and slowly moving south and east toward Franklin and Mansfield. The National Weather Service says the risk of storms with gusty wind and lightning should be with us. Until just about eight o'clock tonight. At least three of the 11 people charged in connection with the armed standoff on I 95 this weekend in Wakefield refused to cooperate with the court during their arraignments today. 40 year old Quinn Come. Verlander of Rhode Island, says the case should be heard in federal court. The second suspect asked for a fellow defendant to be his attorney, a third refused to identify himself. The suspected leader of the group told a judge in Maldon. He doesn't understand why he's being charged. The suspects are being held without bail. The men say they are part of a group rise of the Moors, which the Southern poverty Law Center says believes government does not have authority over individuals. A labor union that represents nurses at ST Vincent Hospital in Worcester says it's reviewing a new contract proposal from the hospitals. Parent company. Amid a strike that's gone on for months. The Massachusetts Nurses Association says another round of negotiations set for Friday. Tenet Healthcare says it's the fourth offer put forward since the strike began in March. Nurse staffing has been the primary sticking point. You can add the Peabody Essex Museum and Salem to the list of places offering Covid 19 Vaccines Museum says it will host free clinics on Friday evenings. They start this week and run through mid August. Bob Monkey is the museum's interim chief operating officer. He says the effort is the latest adaptation brought on by the pandemic. The museum has been around for 220 some odd years. And, uh I guess our forebearers have had to be resilient and flexible to. Hopefully we're just continuing the tradition. The shot also comes with free museum admission and a new survey shows Massachusetts business confidence in the direction the economy is taking rose for 1/5 time in six months. Associated Industries of Massachusetts executive vice president Kiss Chris Gear and says their monthly business confidence index is now at its highest point in years. The labor market Recovery is finally gaining some momentum. In fact, the companies that participated in our survey gave their most confident assessment since April, 2018. Karen says larger companies and those based in Eastern masking the highest ratings. The group surveyed more than 140 employers in the forecast thunderstorms over parts of the region right now moving on out eventually, when they leave, We should be left with a mugging night temperatures around 70 degrees. Tomorrow should be sunny but esteem heat rising to the low nineties and then cloudy on Thursday, and a lot cooler only about 70.

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