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News. A free Amazon package on your doorstep may sound too good to be true. Yeah. It is. We're looking at a new scam called brushing and what it means for real consumers that after traffic and weather together, every ten minutes on the tens with John Morrissey. It is a crowded drive. It is a slow drive some of the usual spots like to seventy in both directions. Very heavy that westbound I seventy six through commerce city pretty heavy and out around federal and Sheridan. Westbound boulder turnpike. Loading up around one hundred for church ranch as you make your way from Denver up into boulder. Your drive downtown. Pretty heavy to there's a crash at Alameda and Santa Fe just east of I twenty five you're also pretty heavy into the tech center, part of that is a crash on the off ramp from southbound I twenty five university southbound two to five is heavy from I love that C four seventy drive, still heavy westbound around Santa Fe, but they just cleared a crash there. This report is sponsored by end credit union at credit union can help you make the most of what you have with better rates lower fees, and aunt extra cash reward. Join them become a member at end dot com slash difference, and credit union equal opportunity lender. Insured by NCUA. Next update eight o'clock, KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Morning, june. Of course, is the month of the year we typically see the most stormy as weather, and that will be the case, again, today round of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Sub storms could produce some really having rain possibility for some ale as well. Especially for areas east of I twenty five today's high seventy five degrees. So Mattis, warmest was over the weekend, tonight we drop to fifty two storm chances wrap up by midnight tomorrow. Pretty good chance for showers and storms in the afternoon again with a high of seventy three Wednesday have to Eighty-three with a much smaller chance for storms from CBS four Amash now Terry on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM.

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